Product Spotlight: Advanced Optimizer Duo AGE CORRECTING Crème + Serum

Collagen is one of those big beauty terms we hear basically everywhere. But just because we hear it all the time, doesn’t mean we fully understand how it works.

We get that we lose collagen as we age and that the less of it we have, the more that aging is apparent. But how do we hang on to it? You know, make it last longer so that we age slower? There are a few things that we know break down collagen, such as stress, sun damage, and pollution. Avoiding known causes and shielding skin with protective, antioxidant-enriched products, like Yon-Ka’s Advanced Optimizer Crème, is the best strategy to save skin.

This product is particularly effective at defending against damage, because the Advanced Optimizer Duo actually strengthens skin’s defenses so that it can naturally protect itself from aging. 

Repair, re-densify, and regenerate with Advanced Optimizer anti-aging cream

Advanced Optimizer Crème is an all-bases-covered anti-aging cream. Its lineup of natural ingredients power together to repair, re-densify and regenerate for visibly younger looking skin.

In every bottle you’ll find white lupin peptides, horsetail, and wild rose. These key ingredients work wonders to thicken and firm the skin. Let me explain how:

White lupin peptides: When peptides are applied topically, they signal to the skin to produce new collagen and also protect the collagen that you already have. This helps skin maintain its youthful bounce and stops it from sagging. There are many different types of peptides out there. In the Advanced Optimizer Crème, peptides from white lupin are used.

Horsetail: Rich in silicon, horsetail is especially beneficial in fighting the signs of aging as it acts as an emollient helping to bind water to the skin. When applied topically the plant is also found to have healing properties to help repair skin.

Wild rose: Antioxidants help protect and regenerate skin. Wild rose is one of the key ingredients in the Advanced Optimizer Crème because it’s packed with vitamin C, one of the skin’s favorite antioxidants.

Smoothing and hydrating ingredients address dryness

Mature skin also requires a little more hydration, which is why the Advanced Optimizer Crème is a great anti-aging cream for morning or night. The formula features hyaluronic acid, milk peptides, and shea butter, which are all highly effective and natural ingredients for moisturizing the skin.

The rich texture provides comfort to mature skin but is not too heavy to wear during the day. Wearable and comfortable, this AM/PM moisturizer from Yon-Ka’s Age Correction range is a favorite for mature skin or those lacking firmness.

Pair with the Advanced Optimizer Serum for ultimate anti-aging treatment

To boost the Advanced Optimizer Crème, pair it with the Advanced Optimizer Serum. Together these two products work in synergy to firm, lift and redefine the facial contours. Hibiscus flower and soy peptides support the deep, structural layers of skin, known as the extracellular matrix.  Hyaluronic acid and marine collage results in its elegant texture and ability to absorb completely.

The Advanced Optimizer Gel Lift also contains hibiscus and soy peptides, horsetail and sweet almond proteins.  With its unique texture, it’s specifically formulated to tighten and smooth the neck, décolleté and bust.

After cleansing and spraying on Lotion Yon-Ka, apply the serum and then the cream to the face and neck. When used at the same time, these two product should either be applied in the morning or the evening (not both). However, as a 30-day intensive treatment, you can apply both the serum and cream in the morning and evenings but should then return to a once daily application.

Yon-Ka Paris

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