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Lotion Yon-Ka PS
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    • Lotion Yon-Ka PS

      Refreshing, Invigorating Toning Mist

      Read 138 reviews
      • Thirst quencher!
        Amazing product that helps my skin stay hydrated.
        Karolina Dragulski
      • Refreshing & Great Scent
        I look forward every morning and night to using this toner! It's refreshing abd calming scent! 😌
      • Love it!
        With my skin being tight and dry, I was always afraid to use a toner since a majority of them have alcohol in them. So pleased that the Yan-ka toning mist does not. It feels so refreshing when spraying my face. I wish I would’ve known about this sooner!
      • Love it
        I've been using this product for some time now and really like it. And, I really appreciate that it has no alcohol in it.
      • Hydrating & Relaxing Scent
        My facialist used this and recommended it for my dry skin instead of a harsh toner. It smells amazing and feels wonderful. Very luxurious. I would recommend to anyone who has tight/dry skin.

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      Rated as "The Best Setting Spray" by the Prevention Beauty Awards!

      Naturally refresh, soothe and hydrate dry, sensitive skin.
      Our hydrating toner for dry skin optimizes your skin care routine as it refreshes and invigorates skin. Composed of 99% ingredients of natural origin, this versatile healing water drenches skin with the solar-charged energy of five essential oils for a multi-beneficial toning, purifying and invigorating effect. This alcohol free toner delivers an immediate, refreshing boost that deeply hydrates dry, dehydrated skin. With a delicate aroma, it soothes skin and energizes the body while enhancing the benefits of your personal treatment regimen. Our iconic toning mist is a must-have, daily pick-me-up for those with normal, dry or sensitive skin.
      • Naturally refreshing toner for normal, dry and sensitive skin made with 99% natural ingredients.
      • Versatile toning mist tones, hydrates and invigorates skin.
      • Iconic treatment infused with our proprietary Yon-ka Quintessence composed of five essential oils for multiple healing benefits. 
      • Aromatherapeutic blend balances the mood and energizes the mind and body.
      • Deeply hydrates skin, refines the look of pores, and balances skin‚ natural pH.
      SKU: 30110
    In the morning and evening, spray a generous amount of lotion onto the face and neck after cleansing. Massage in any excess. Can be used at any time of the day for an immediate and refreshing boost. Calms sunburn and insect bites when applied with a compress. Can also be used as a complement to Masque 105 by spraying the lotion on the mask to reinforce its action.

    When to use a toner?
    Use Lotion Yon-Ka toner am/pm after cleansing. You can also spray as needed throughout the day to refresh the skin.

    How to use toner?
    Morning and evening, cleanse the skin, and follow with Lotion Yon-Ka. Spray the skin about 6 times until it's lightly damp, then penetrate gently.

    How does a toner work?
    Lotion Yon-Ka are aromatherapy toners featuring Quintessence, and are alcohol free. These refresh and rebalance the skin.
    200 ml 99% Natural Ingredients
    Key ingredients: 200 ml.
    99% natural ingredients
    • Quintessence Yon-Ka : essential oils of Lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, and thyme - balancing –REevitalizing - purifying
    • Plant glycerin - hydrating
    Other ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens(Geranium) Leaf Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil, Cupressus Sempervirens (Cypress) Oil, Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Flower/Leaf Oil , Peg-35 Castor Oil, Chlorhexidine Digluconate, Red 40/Ci 16035, Linalool *, Citronellol *, Geraniol *, Limonene *, Coumarin *
    *Natural Components Of Essential Oils

    *Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.


    Karolina Dragulski
    Verified Buyer
    Thirst quencher!
    Amazing product that helps my skin stay hydrated.
    Verified Buyer
    Refreshing & Great Scent
    I look forward every morning and night to using this toner! It's refreshing abd calming scent! 😌
    Verified Buyer
    Love it!
    With my skin being tight and dry, I was always afraid to use a toner since a majority of them have alcohol in them. So pleased that the Yan-ka toning mist does not. It feels so refreshing when spraying my face. I wish I would’ve known about this sooner!
    Verified Buyer
    Love it
    I've been using this product for some time now and really like it. And, I really appreciate that it has no alcohol in it.
    Verified Buyer
    Hydrating & Relaxing Scent
    My facialist used this and recommended it for my dry skin instead of a harsh toner. It smells amazing and feels wonderful. Very luxurious. I would recommend to anyone who has tight/dry skin.
    Liz Ciampoli
    Verified Buyer
    A hydrating burst
    This lotion toner is amazing!! It delivers a beautiful burst of instant hydration. I love it!!
    Verified Buyer
    Makes a difference
    I was privileged to have my 1st Yonka facial last year (2022). I love this product. This lotion alone is so lovely on the skin. It hydrates and doesn't make your skin feel greasy or dry. It's pretty cool because you can put it on before or after certain products. I definitely recommend to others, My starters: lotion ps, eye & lip contour, vital elixir, & nude blur creme.
    Verified Buyer
    Yon Ka Pink Lotion
    I have been using Yon Ka Pink lotion for almost 30 years and still love the results. My skin is typically dry and I live in a dry climate, so the essential moisturizing natural ingredients have worked well. The ease of use is also wonderful. A few quick sprays and you're done. Works well under my make-up!
    Kimberly M.
    Verified Buyer
    Yonka Fan
    I have been using Yonka specifically this product for years and it's simply the best! I have tried other products including dermatology recommended products and they are simply not as good as Yonka.
    Grace Park
    Verified Buyer
    The best lotion toner
    I’ve used various brands from La Mer to Swiss Perfection. But toner lotion, i think Yonka is the best. I switched over to Yonka when I was pregnant because I heard skin care products are important during pregnancy and I kept using the toner till now. It’s been about 6 years! The smell is great too!!! Keeps you moisturized!
    love this light refreshing comforting moisturizing toner
    I first tried this at my spa getting a facial, then got it again free as a purchase free gift, loved it again and now I buy it. It leaves my skin smooth, calm, healthy, even, and allows my other products (all yonka) to go on evenly and melt in. Sometimes, in a rush this is all I wear after cleansing, and my skin doesnt hurt or feel dry like it would alone. I love the mist version, so easy and please do not ever stop making it as a mist.
    MaryAnn Matheny
    Verified Buyer
    Love This Product!
    I have used this and other Yonka products for 34 years. I switched from the white lotion to the pink after moving to Las Vegas. The pink is very moisturizing and perfect for this dry climate.
    Michelle Pena
    Verified Buyer
    So refreshing!!
    This spray is so refreshing. You do not need a large amount. The bottle will last for a long time.
    Verified Buyer
    Simply The Best
    I've used this toner for over 20 years every morning, and it hydrates and evens the tones of my face in seconds. It will always be the best toner money can buy and lasts for months. Nothing else has ever compared.
    Verified Buyer
    Best Toner
    I love the smell. All of Yonka products I use have a great smell. I have dry skin and this helps with the dryness along with other Yonka products.
    Marianne Palazzolo
    Verified Buyer
    Great toner
    Sue Rose
    Verified Buyer
    This is so refreshing!!! Look forward to using it!
    Oksana Volkova
    Verified Buyer
    Love it ❤️
    My favorite product, which pleases all the color, smell, texture. My skin is charged with health and radiance after using it. I have been using this lotion for many years especially during the cold season. This lotion is always with me on my frequent trips. I recommend it to everyone, you will love it immediately and forever.
    Lotion Yonka
    This is the most comforting, hydrating, best-smelling toner I have ever used. This does not irritate my sensitive, acne-prone skin, and it even helps to calm and heal my occasional psoriasis flare ups. My skin always feels soft and hydrated after using it, and the scent is so delightful.
    Heather Kennedy
    Verified Buyer
    I love it
    Best toner I’ve ever used! Leaves my skin glowing and refreshed and I look forward to using it morning and evening
    Heidi McKolay
    Verified Buyer
    I love it
    I've used this product for at least a year and I love it. It makes a difference. It leaves my skin feeling like a rose petal.
    The best toner
    It really does moisturize! The extracts and oils don’t irritate my eczema patches once it dries down.
    Wanda Lund
    Verified Buyer
    Gentle on the skin
    I like this toner because it works well and doesn’t dry out my skin. That is very important for my skin type.
    Trang Hoang
    Verified Buyer
    I have been using Yonka product for more than a year now. I’m so glad that I was introduced to this brand. I have to say that this toner is a MUST try one because it’s amazing. The smell is refreshing. I use it every morning and night time after I cleanse my skin. It calms the skin down and hydrate my skin. I have used more than 5 bottles within the last year and will definitely continue using them😍
    Lynn Anne Miller
    Verified Buyer
    Simply, a product I can't go without
    I've used Yonka Lotion for 20+ years and asked myself one day if I could choose only one product for my face what would it be. . .this one won hands down.
    Tanja Smith
    Verified Buyer
    Wonderful Toner!
    Refreshing and calming for my dry skin. I use it morning and nights after washing with Lait Nettoyant. They help cleanse my dry skin gently. This is one of my must have products.
    Verified Buyer
    Pretty in Pink
    This is a lovely smelling, refreshing toner. I use inbetween cleansing also for a mid day pick me up.
    Barbara Iacono
    Verified Buyer
    My skin can become sensitive and dry in the winter months. I love this toner! The fragrance is non-irritating and extremely aromatherapeutic. A quick way to hydrate when you are in a hurry. Lovely scent.
    Falon Russell
    Verified Buyer
    Absolutely LOVE!
    This toner is simply amazing. I use it morning & night as well as multiple times during the day for a refreshing pick me up for my face and my senses!
    Alice Dashiell
    Verified Buyer
    wonderful mist
    this is an amazing product I use it multiple times a day and find it refreshing with every spray
    Mayra Bermudez
    Verified Buyer
    Lotion Yon-Ka
    I've been using Lotion Yon-Ka since 2006. Since I discovered YONKA products in a SPA in Ireland; I never used another lotion. This product has the most delicate essence, and prepare your face with the necessary humidity to finish your daily or night routine.
    Verified Buyer
    Best toner I’ve ever used! Doesn’t dry me out at all! Refreshing!
    Dongyoung Lee
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect!! 👍
    Yonka's products are so great!! 😘
    Amber Sciascia
    Verified Buyer
    Amazing toner
    Love this toner. Leaves my skin feeling clean, refreshed and smells amazing!
    Cathy Portilla
    Verified Buyer
    Verified buyer
    Two generations of women in my family love this toner. It feels so hydrating on my skin and I never get tired of the wonderful smell!
    Machaela Anderson
    Best toner I have ever used! Amazing for dry skin and super revitalizing.
    Oksana Teyf
    Verified Buyer
    Excellent toner
    Wonderful product
    Verified Buyer
    Yon-ka Lotion Yon-Ka
    I used this toner many years ago after having a facial in a spa that used Yon-ka products and loved it. What I remembered most was the smell of it. And the way it made my face feel so refreshed. After trying many different toners I looked online to see if Yon-ka was still in business. Now I use their whole face routine. Love it! So happy I found it again
    Verified Buyer
    Yonka Paris Lotion
    I love to spray the Yonka lotion every morning and evening on my face after cleansing and before moisturizing. My skin feels smooth and soft and ready to absorb the next step in the Yonka line. If I feel I need a refreshing boost during the day, I spray lotion on then too.
    Verified Buyer
    When the going gets hot and humid here in Texas, I look forward to spraying this mist on my cleansed face and upper body. I feel renewed and refreshed instantly.
    Marcie B.
    Verified Buyer
    Locks in moisture
    I’ve been using this product for years. Spraying on after cleansing, it locks in moisture and my skin has a soft, hydrated feel - even before any moisturizer!
    Susan Stone
    Verified Buyer
    I spritz this on after lait nettoyant and its a perfect combination for not only refreshing your skin but giving it that bit of extra moisture. It's dynamite.
    Verified Buyer
    Nice base layer
    This lotion is unlike any other I've tried - it's super thin and goes on as a spray, but it makes my skin feel so light while still moisturized. Can't live without it now!
    Kim Phillips
    Verified Buyer
    Excited to try this!
    I’ve yet to use this as it just arrived but based on the great reviews, my super dry skin, and my need for hydrating I’m excited to try it!
    Verified Buyer
    Light, refreshing toner
    Love this product, which I use every morning and night. It's really light and refreshing.
    Sara Fields
    Verified Buyer
    Lotion Toner
    I love this toner, it's so refreshing and moisturizing for my dry skin. Love Yonka products
    Alexa Harrison
    Verified Buyer
    Soooo hydrating and feels great on my super sensitive skin
    Kim Christenson
    Verified Buyer
    Kim C
    I love the scent & use it after cleansing & also a light mist to set my makeup set my makeup
    Verified Buyer
    Love it
    Surprised how much I love this lotion spray! I break out very easily but my skin is also dry. I use this before my moisturizers and sometimes on its own between washings. Never has it made me breakout AND it really adds to the suppleness of my skin!
    Verified Buyer
    Best for Dry Skin
    I love this product! I use it twice a day and I always feel so refreshed after! If you have dry skin this toner is amazing, especially in for the winter.
    Olga Hehl
    Verified Buyer
    Wonderful product
    I use this toner, morning and night, every single day. Why? Because my skin loves it. Whenever I open a new bottle, I order another one to make sure I never run out of it. It's wonderful.
    Verified Buyer
    I've used this since I was 13 years old!
    There are few products that I can say I've used every single day since I was 13 years old (I'm now 36), but the Lotion PS is one of them! My skin is slightly dry so the mist is perfect for after I've washed my face and right before applying the Hydra 1 serum. The bottle looks so beautiful on my bathroom counter and the amount of spray you get with one pump is just perfect. It smells AMAZING and also lasts a long time! Please never discontinue this product! <3
    Christine K
    Verified Buyer
    Been using this twice a day everyday for a few years now- I LOVE the smell, hydration, and refreshing mist. Highly recommend
    Eri Saitsky
    Verified Buyer
    Lotion PS
    I have been using this product for many years and love it. I use it not only in my mornings & evening routine but when my face feels dry, I give it a quick spray right over my make-up. Love it when I’m flying because my skin gets so dry.
    Verified Buyer
    Love & necessary step!
    I was running low and couldn’t find the time to replace and was thinking I’d be fine without this for a little while, but honestly my facial cleansing routine is not complete without this!
    Cassie Smith
    Verified Buyer
    Makes my face feel soo refreshed!
    Verified Buyer
    I recently repurchased Lotion Yon-Ka after many years. It's a balanced toner that is nourishing, and smells wonderful.
    Verified Buyer
    New favorite
    This is by far my new favorite product for my skin care regimen! I was introduced to this line by a cosmetologist and I absolutely love their products-feels so great on my skin!
    Eileen Conklin
    Verified Buyer
    The lotion is addicting. I use it in the morning and in the evening.
    Verified Buyer
    Can’t go without it
    I have sensitive skin, this toner is absolutely wonderful! It smells great and balances my skin out nicely! I use it in the morning and in the evenings. Can’t go without it!
    Elizabeth Meyerhoefer
    This mist is the most wonderful and healthy mist. I started using when I visited Canada. From then on, I was a YonKa client. The scent is refreshing and cooling. I leave mine in the refrigerator in the summer and believe me, that is so satisfying.
    Jody Wong
    Verified Buyer
    Best toner ever
    Best toner ever! From the fine mist spray to the refreshing scent and feel.
    Kathy Carrick
    Verified Buyer
    YonKa lotion
    I have used this product for years. My facial cleansing is not complete without it!
    Yonka are the moisture masters
    Another unreal product from Yonka. I have very dehydrated, tight-feeling skin. This makes a massive difference in my moisture levels and I need far less moisturizer afterwards. From the first day I tried the sample, it immediately became an absolute daily essential for me. This lotion, and the hydra no 1 masque are MIRACLES and life savers.
    Heather Herrera
    Verified Buyer
    My must have
    I ran out of this amazing product once and never again! I use this product religiously every time I wash my face. It feels good going on, doesn't feel greasy but without it, my face just doesn't feel right. The very light smell actually calms me, and I have sensitive skin and super smell. My absolute favorite product!!
    Verified Buyer
    Lotion Yon Ka ps
    Very Refreshing!
    Verified Buyer
    Turned a Skeptic
    I was skeptical about using this product but I love it. It's so refreshing after using the yonka cleanser and makes my skin feel invigorated. The scent is refreshing as well. Highly recommend (and it lasts a really long time!).
    Tina Cao
    Verified Buyer
    Good enough to eat
    I gave to my 11 years old daughter to use. She said it remind her the chicken mommy make. She is referring to the rosemary smell. We both like this lotion. It’s refreshing and hydrating.
    Verified Buyer
    A two in one
    So this toner does 2 things, freshens you up during the hectic day and revitizes skin. I call it my pick me up! I love how they carry travel sizes too!
    Can't live without
    This is hands down my favorite product from yonka. I use it so much that I probably go through a bottle every six weeks! I really use it for moisture. I spray it between serums and oils to draw more moisture in to my skin! I just love it!
    E Cook
    I absolutely love this. My skin feels amazing and more clear. I want to use Lotion Yon-Ka multiple times a day it feels so incredible. Fresh and uplifting. The smell is exquisite. My boyfriend notices anytime I wear it - he can't place the scent and just remarks about how wonderful I smell! You will love it. The bottle design and mister are wonderful too.
    Verified Buyer
    Very Impressed
    I was turned on to Yonka products just a few weeks ago by a makeup artist friend. She told me it’s the “secret” that everyone should know about. I bought this toner amongst other products and I am very pleased and impressed. This toner has brought new life and glow to my skin. It’s so refreshing and leaves my skin feeling so vibrant, smooth and beautiful. I’m hooked!
    Verified Buyer
    Light and Refreshing
    Gentle and refreshing toner that soothes my extremely dry, sensitive skin. It has helped to eliminate the red blotchiness I've been experiencing for the last few years. Whole-heartedly recommend.
    Alesya Gershteyn
    It refresh and I could say it heals the same time. My skin is prone to acne and inflammation started looking cleaner, healthier and moisturized. I cannot be more satisfied with it. I'm buying it again :)
    Jo P
    Just started using this Toner
    I purchased this toner 2 weeks ago as a Christmas present for myself. I must say the reviews are spot on! My skin drinks this right up and prepares it for my Phoyto 58. I am looking forward to expanding my Yonka portfolio of skincare in the New Year
    Jaclyn Duque
    Verified Buyer
    Refreshing and effective
    I was so happy to find a toner without water or alcohol in it. It smells great and feels like my skin is getting a direct drink of water. I love that I can put it on over makeup if I need a refresher.
    Madeleine Haynes
    Verified Buyer
    My sisters have been using this product for years. They advised me to use it recently and so I purchased one online. I absolutely love it! It feels amazing on my super dry skin. I can’t see myself being without it.
    Verified Buyer
    Wonderful Toner
    I have used this toner for many year and this toner is my favorite. I have tried several different brands throughout the decades and always come back to Yonka. My skin just drinks it up. It's also great using it when I travel on the plane where your skin can get dehydrated. Get a travel size or pour into a travel acceptable size spray container and mist your face. It will help immensely.
    Verified Buyer
    Refreshing and nourishing
    Love this lotion and can’t live without it!
    Erin Acosta
    Verified Buyer
    Wonderful scent with a refreshing feel for the skin first thing in the morning or to relax you at night
    Diane Jarbawi
    Deliciously Wonderful
    I found out about this particular product from a blog and was incredibly intrigued, so I purchased it off of Amazon. Whoops...not a good idea, as I'm not so sure it was fresh and authentic. Fast forward to my purchase from Yon-Ka, directly, and all I can say is, I'm in heaven! This is my go-to product each and every morning after I cleanse my face. I instantly feel the plumpness and hydration in my skin and it remains as such throughout the day, seeing how it's the foundation before my serums, moisturizer, and sunscreen. I never go without this product and will always be a fan.
    Diane Jarbawi
    Deliciously Wonderful
    I found out about this particular product from a blog and was incredibly intrigued, so I purchased it off of Amazon. Whoops...not a good idea, as I'm not so sure it was fresh and authentic. Fast forward to my purchase from Yon-Ka, directly, and all I can say is, I'm in heaven! This is my go-to product each and every morning after I cleanse my face. I instantly feel the plumpness and hydration in my skin and it remains as such throughout the day, seeing how it's the foundation before my serums, moisturizer, and sunscreen. I never go without this product and will always be a fan.
    Leonardo Bueno
    Verified Buyer
    Best Thing You Will Ever Spray on Your Face
    I am late to the YonKa game but as almost everyone on this website says, this is the best thing you will ever spray on your face. I started out purchasing other products for my first YonKa purchase but after reading so many reviews I had to get this too, not even a week later. In that short time, this has become my most favorite toner, ever. I can't believe I spent so many years putting toner on a cotton ball instead of spraying this on my face. The mist is light, fragrant and most importantly, hydrating. Within minutes your face is toned, hydrated and feels amazing. if you only buy one YonKa product, make it this one.
    Cathryn Bolt
    Verified Buyer
    Wonderful Product(s)
    I have used Yon-Ka for years. I love all of them, Lotion Yon-Ka and Hydra No.1 in particular.
    This is the only toner I have used for over ten years...amazing...fragrance is wonderful...keeps my skin hydrated and youthful.
    Teresa Cabebe
    Verified Buyer
    Can't use anything else!
    This is the greatest toner I have ever used. Nothing else can compare. I immediately feel relaxed and grounded when I spray it on after cleansing. So healing and moisturizing.
    Verified Buyer
    love this product!
    a great way to begin and end my day! so refreshing and even better when followed by excellence code cream
    Verified Buyer
    Great product
    Feeling refreshed and love the smell
    Alicia Hatfield
    Verified Buyer
    Hydrating and Aromatic
    This toner is so refreshing and lovely. Nice boost of hydration for my dry skin. The fragrance is absolutely delectable!
    Jennifer Fletcher
    The absolute BEST!
    I’ve been using the Yonka PS spray for 7 years (or as my friends & I jokingly call it our “pink crack spray.)” It makes your skin feel so soft & so refreshed after a long day. It also works great in the am to wake your skin up & give you a great calm, smooth feel to your day. It’s one of my favorite products!
    Verified Buyer
    Daily go to
    I use this spritzer every day after cleansing my face and throat. It works great on sensitive skin and smells wonderful!
    Verified Buyer
    I have dryer skin and this product is everything. I love the smell and feeling. I’ve been using for a week and along with other Yonka I’ve seen the texture of my skin improve!!
    Verified Buyer
    Must have.
    I love everything about this product. As a makeup artist I am always skeptic with products under makeup. This product doesn’t move makeup or make the skin extra dewy. The smell is amazing and the results are perfect. My skin is fresh and revived. The spray feature makes it easy to use and application is easy! Will order again!
    Verified Buyer
    A little spray of wonderful
    Hands down best toner I have ever used. I always take a travel size with me when I travel to keep my skin hydrated on a plane. I use as part or my morning and evening routine. The toner is hydrating without leaving my face shiny or oily.
    Verified Buyer
    Relaxing and nourishing
    I really love this product, at first I was skeptical but this spray is so relaxing and nourishing on my face I haven't gone a day without using it since I got it! It makes my face feel fresh and clean.
    Suzanne Roncskevitz
    Love it!
    I really love this! It smells so good, and makes my skin smooth.
    Gena Misouria
    Verified Buyer
    Invigorating is right!
    This mist smells so good and really makes my skin come alive! An essential morning product to start my skincare routine!
    Sylvia Torres
    Verified Buyer
    The best toner hands down!
    I am a 20+ years Yonka user and this is one of my favorite products by far! I cannot be without my Yonka Lotion, this is the best part of my mornings and evenings. Being in the beauty industry for many years I have always had access to many skincare products, more than I can actually test or use. However, I always come back to a few Yonka staples and this lotion is one of them. My skin is instantly hydrated, ready for anything and the aromatherapy component is equally important as it is soothing, relaxing and luxurious. If you feel good, you look great!
    great product!
    Verified Buyer
    This product is fabulous. Non drying. Great scent. Refreshing. It stimulates and leaves your skin feeling young. Absolutely recommend.
    Verified Buyer
    Love the smell and it moisturizes well also.
    Susan Hall
    Verified Buyer
    Best toner!
    I have used Yonka products for over 30 years. I would never be without this toner. Tons of moisture
    Sheila C
    Verified Buyer
    Light layer of hydration
    I've used this toner on and off for years. My skin used to be very oily, and now as I mature it's combination and very dehydrated. I live in a hot climate, so this product is great for adding a light layer of hydration before applying my final products. I like to spritz it directly to my skin, and then use light tapping motions to help it absorb. Refreshing scent too.
    Verified Buyer
    perfect addition to the minimalist skin care routine
    I use this after the micellare water and its the perfect addition to my routine. I find this leaves my skin feeling nice and tight, yet hydrated
    I don't ever want to be without this mist!
    This is hands down the best toner. I love the scent. I keep it next to the sink and refresh my face throughout the day.
    Must Have
    This toner is everything. I cannot wait to mist this on my face morning and night. The spray feels cold and refreshing.
    Verified Buyer
    Must Have!
    This is an absolute must have for my skin care routine! I love this product. In the mornings, I usually use this as my first step as I typically don't cleanse in the am. This product is aromatic in a great way.
    Cassi Crouse
    from skeptic to lover!
    I have to admit I wasn't sure about this product my first few times using it. My skin felt different. After a few weeks, I realize my skin is finally feeling hydrated! This toner smells amazing and I am always so excited to use it. I work in a hospital and the air is so dry. I now have a travel size lotion yon-ka PS to refresh when needed. Game changer!
    Lucy Syrowski
    Verified Buyer
    Tefreshing spray!
    I love this lotion..its a spray which makes it easy to use. It smells nice and revitalizes my skin!
    Great Toner
    I've really seen a difference in the clarity of my skin since using this toner! Love that you have the option to mist it on to your face, but I generally just use a cotton swab
    Happy customer
    Verified Buyer
    My evening ritual
    I don't think I could go to sleep at night now unless I first wash with Lait Nettoyant and then spray with Lotion Yon-Ka. Not only does it perfectly prep my skin for overnight healing but the wonderful scents immediate relax me and put me right to sleep. Have been using with great success for literally decades. There is no better combo out there.
    Deanna Wegner
    Verified Buyer
    So refreshing
    Very refreshing and leaves my face feeling clean. Best toner I've ever purchased!
    Verified Buyer
    My favorite Yonk-Ka product!
    I've started and ended every day for the last 20 years with the refreshing aroma and feel of Lotion Yon Ka on my skin. Love it! It's gentle on my skin and makes me feel good.
    Heather Hicks
    Verified Buyer
    Refreshing, rejuvenating
    I love this product! It leaves my skin feeling fresh, rejuvenated and calmed. If I happen to run out of the product, I can notice a difference and miss it. Highly recommend for dry skin, especially in the winter.
    Verified Buyer
    This toner has completely transformed my skin. I first started using Yonka after finishing some heavy duty acne medication. Yonka products make my skin glow. This toner will make you feel like you just left the spa. It’s hydrating and has such a wonderful scent. I even got all of my friends hooked on this toner as well.
    Amy Betancourt
    Verified Buyer
    Who would think that a toner could make such a difference in a skin care regimen, but this one really does. My face can tend to be dry and this toner puts moisture and invigoration into my skin!
    Cheri McCormick
    Verified Buyer
    Wonderful Toner
    I use this toner throughout the day for a refresh on y skin, I love the smell and the way it makes my skin feel.
    Sarah Baiano
    Love the fragrance!
    I started using this product about 2 years ago. Prior to using Lotion Yon-ka PS my face was severely dehydrated. This light mist has truly worked wonders. My skin is no longer dehydrated and the fragrance is light and refreshing.
    The Best!
    Okay, I received the full sized bottle and this is the best thing to put on before going to sleep in a house with forced air heating. I don't use as much as the person in the video, but it's excellent on the skin!
    Verified Buyer
    it' ll still be my next purshase
    i love the design of the spay, just 2-3 press will be totally enough for me. the smell is the best!!! i will definitely get other products.
    This is just a fantastic product which came as a sample with something else I bought. Very uplifting and hydrating. I just bought the full-sized one from another website (I won't in the future now that I've opened an account.)
    Alicia Chopin
    Verified Buyer
    Great toner
    I love this toner just as much as the other Yonka toner. This one is just better when skin is a little more dry than usual. This toner adds more moisture without the feeling of a heavy moisturizer. Great for the winter time when skin is dryer.
    Jennifer Young
    Miracle Water... LOVE IT
    I was skeptical of this spray thinking I really didn’t need it. Trying to be budget wise and get what I thought I needed most. Little did I know that this spray would be so awesome and really helps hydrate smooth and freshen your skin. I not only use it on my face and neck but arms too, Love this lasts quite awhile and well worth the investment
    K. G.
    Verified Buyer
    Wonderful toner
    This is a great moisturizing, calming, and refreshing toner. I tend to use the Lotion Yon-Ka PNG in the summer, and then switch to the PS in winter when my skin is in need of extra moisturizing.
    Lori Mejia Vargas
    Verified Buyer
    Love love
    I have very oily skin that gets dry in winter so I switch to this toner with my oily skin regimen and it does wonders. My winter skin loves it.
    Allie Chang
    Verified Buyer
    I love the smell of this toner, smells great!(natural) I have really dry skin, and this makes my skin feel more firm and refreshed. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!
    Lara Adams
    Verified Buyer
    love it!
    I love this. I spray it on my face and neck after cleansing my face. It smells great. I have dry skin, and this makes my skin immediately feel refreshed and it helps me use less of my moisturizer and serum as the moisture helps me spread them on more evenly.
    Elizabeth Webster
    Totally addicted to this toner! Wish I could buy it by the gallon!
    I am 56 and have been using this toner since 1993 -- 25 years! I love the fresh, natural, gentle fragrance and the cool mist is so refreshing & soothing! I use it every morning and every night. I get compliments on my complexion often ... not sure if that is genetics at play, but my 25 year use of Yonka products has to have helped. Please don't change a thing!
    Cynthia Floyd
    Iconic product
    This is the first product I ever used by Yon-ka about fifteen years ago and I still use it to this day. It's great as a toner or as a midday refresher. I love that you can spray it right on top of your makeup and it doesn't mess it up and also feels so soothing. I have such sensitive skin that even gentle facials make my face red and irritated so this is a product I can't live without.
    Verified Buyer
    Best product
    I've noticed since I have been using this product that my skin is not red anymore , is more hydrated .
    Verified Buyer
    my favorite yonka product
    The smell is amazing. Hydrates and refreshes skin. Although my skin tends to be oily, this freshener works beautifully. Preps skin for cremes but it does not make skin too greasy.
    Teresa Fenimore
    Loving the Products!
    I am in my first month of using the products, and I have to say they are WONDERFUL! Also, the many comments are right on, as the smell is especially great, making you feel like you've just left the spa!!
    Verified Buyer
    LOVE IT!!
    Absolutely love how the mist makes my skin feel and the smell makes me think I'm at a spa.
    Kim K
    Love this product!
    I use on my face after showering and just about any time of the day I need a pick up or while sunbathing. Smells like I just walked out of the spa. Bottle lasts a long time
    Rebalanced my skin
    This product helped rebalance my dry irritated skin. My certified Yonka esthetician explained that without using a quality toner, it takes your skin approximately 10 hours to restore its' natural PH balance. This product has helped my skin become supple and smooth. It also reduced my redness!
    Did Wonders for my Skin!
    This product helped rebalance my dry irritated skin. My certified Yonka esthetician explained that without using a quality toner, it takes your skin approximately 10 hours to restore its' natural PH balance. This product has helped my skin become supple and smooth. It also reduced my redness!
    My Favorite Toner
    LOTION YON-KA for dry and sensitive skin is my favorite toner! It's an essential part of my daily routine and I've been using it for over 11 years. It hydrates, treats, and soothes my sensitive skin, plus I love the aromatherapy. The best!
    Maria R.
    My Favorite Skincare Product
    Love everything about this toner!

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