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Lotion Yon-Ka PNG
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    • Lotion Yon-Ka PNG

      Refreshing, Invigorating Toning Mist

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      Naturally refresh, soothe and purify normal and oily skin.
      Our purifying toner for oily skin optimizes your skin care routine as it refreshes and purifies skin. Composed of 99% ingredients of natural origin, this versatile healing water drenches skin with the solar-charged energy of five essential oils for a multi-beneficial purifying, toning, and invigorating effect. This alcohol free toner mattifies the complexion and helps control excess surface oils. With a delicate aroma, it soothes the skin and energizes the body while enhancing the benefits of your personal treatment regimen. Our iconic toning mist is a must-have, daily pick-me-up for those with normal to oily skin.
      • Naturally refreshing toner for oily skin made with 99% natural ingredients.
      • Versatile toning mist purifies, tones and invigorates skin.
      • Mattifies the complexion and helps control excess surface oils.
      • Iconic treatment infused with our proprietary Yon-ka Quintessence composed of five essential oils for multiple healing benefits. 
      • Aromatherapeutic blend balances the mood and energizes the mind and body.
      • Hydrates skin, refines the look of pores, and balances skin‚Äôs natural pH. 
      SKU: 30100
    In the morning and evening, spray a generous amount of lotion onto the face and neck after cleansing. Massage in any excess. Can be used at any time of the day for an immediate and refreshing boost. Calms sunburn and insect bites when applied with a compress. Can also be used as a complement to Masque 103 by spraying the lotion on the mask to reinforce its action.

    When to use a toner?
    Use Lotion Yon-Ka toner am/pm after cleansing. You can also spray as needed throughout the day to refresh the skin.

    How to use toner?
    Morning and evening, cleanse the skin, and follow with Lotion Yon-Ka. Spray the skin about 6 times until it's lightly damp, then penetrate gently.

    How does a toner work?
    Lotion Yon-Ka are aromatherapy toners featuring Quintessence, and are alcohol free. These refresh and rebalance the skin.
    200 ml 99% Natural Ingredients
    Key ingredients: 200 ml.
    99% natural ingredients
    • Quintessence Yon-Ka : essential oils of Lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, and thyme - balancing – vitalizing - purifying
    Other ingredients: Water, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium) Leaf Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil, Cupressus Sempervirens (Cypress) Oil, Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Flower/Leaf Oil, Peg-35 Castor Oil, Chlorhexidine Digluconate, Sodium Benzoate, Linalool *, Citronellol *, Geraniol *, Limonene *, Coumarin *, Citral *
    *Natural Components Of Essential Oils

    *Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.


    Lotion Yonka PNG
    This is the most refreshing, skin-purifying, best-smelling toner I have ever used. This does not irritate my sensitive, acne-prone skin, and it even helps to calm and heal my occasional psoriasis flare ups. My skin always feels smooth and awake after using it, and the scent is so addictive to me! This has made an impactful difference on my skin health, and has really helped heal my blemishes quickly without irritation. I even find this toner useful for my hot flashes-it's really that calming and cooling for me!
    Verified Buyer
    Hydrates and moisture
    I use the product twice a day, before moisturizing in the morning and before moisturizing in the evening. Refreshes, adds moisture and gives a pleasant feeling on the skin.
    Olga B
    Verified Buyer
    So refreshing, my long time daily toner
    Smells amazing, mists lightly and evenly on skin, feels refreshing, hands down my favorite toner. Have been using for many years and will continue to do so! Highly recommend for morning and night, or to freshen up in the middle of the day.
    Antoinette Contreras
    Verified Buyer
    I enjoy using this toner! Not only do I spray or after I wash my face, I use it during the day when I need a refresh. I live in a dry climate and my skin soaks it up when applied. During the summer I keep it in the fridge for a cool spritz on my face.
    Verified Buyer
    Great product!
    The only type of product that works against my breakouts and rosecea. Talk about clear flawless skin when paired with cleansing gel and regular masque. And the mist definitely refreshes the skin. I will always love this product.
    Lyssa Moura
    Verified Buyer
    Yon-ka Lotion PNG
    I personally have been the Yon-ka Lotion PNG for near 15 years! A close friend of mine was a licensed esthetician and we started a business together selling Yon-ka products in our Spa. I became a true believer in the skincare line when my youngest son was around 6-7 years old and received a particularly bad burn on his forearm from boiling soup. The Yon-ka Lotion that I had at the time kept it from scarring and from needing further medical treatment other than anything I could take care of at home👍! I also had a good friend that was working as an electrician and received 3rd degree burns and underwent major surgery for the burns. I sent MANY BOTTLES OF THE Yon-ka Lotion to his family and learned he had VERY minimal scarring compared to what the doctors said he SHOULD HAVE HAD!!! It is a go to item in our first aid kit in our home!!! I also use it to help calm my LUPUS rash on my face, but it doesn't ALWAYS work. Everyone is different. But it looks much better than when I don't use it. Hope this helps someone 👍!!!
    Judy monico
    Verified Buyer
    Best toner
    This toner has helped with my breakouts, it does not dry me out and it is alcohol free!!
    Debra Sachwitz
    Verified Buyer
    This toner is the most amazing refreshing smelling and feeling toner I have ever used. The natural ingredients makes your skin feel invigorated and healthy!
    elaine sack
    Verified Buyer
    I need one for my bathroom, one next to my bed and one at my desk.
    Verified Buyer
    Favorite toner
    My absolute favorite toner! It wakes up the skin and is invigorating without feeling like it's stripping/drying.
    Fetija Hinckley
    Lovely toner
    I use this toner twice a day. This in combination with the gel cleanser and creme 15 have changed my skin and life for the better. I was introduced to the line a couple years ago by my esthetician and have been using it ever since.
    Geneva Goldstein
    Verified Buyer
    Favorite Product
    This is the best thing that I own from them hands down
    Ashley B
    Verified Buyer
    Next level aroma!
    Love the smell of this! Makes you feel like you are at a spa! Super refreshing!
    Melanie Luminoso
    Verified Buyer
    Lotion yon-ka PNG
    Love the actual product but the spray is not really a must like the travel size. It squirts out. It is so refreshing to put on before my hydrant.
    Verified Buyer
    Spa in a bottle
    This is the best toner hands down. It seriously is like a spa in a bottle! Love using it in the morning and at night to help me take a deep breath and pause for a moment.
    Erin Acosta
    Verified Buyer
    I love the scent, it’s like stepping out of a spa. It’s my favorite to use in the morning because it makes my skin feel like it’s waking up too.
    Gina Edwards
    Verified Buyer
    Best Product
    Always a favorite!! Great product! Refreshing and hydrating for summer!
    Verified Buyer
    Fresh Scent
    I love this product!!! This is the product that turned me over to Yonka products. I use it in the morning and evening. I even use it as a pick up during the day.
    Verified Buyer
    Lotion Yon-Ka PNG
    Best of the best lotion
    Rachel C
    Verified Buyer
    Simply the Best
    The best toner for oily/combination skin. Got this as a part of the vitality kit and after a few days bought the full size. I use this in the morning and the PS and night. My skin looks amazing, stays hydrated, but is not oily. Very happy with this product and highly suggest this as well as the vitality kit routine.
    Carol Martin
    Go to lotion
    This product is great anytime of day, a very refreshing feeling and the smell is awesome!
    Monae Johnson
    Verified Buyer
    so refreshing
    I love the scent! Also, applying it before I moisturize makes my creams go on so easily.
    Jessica Minchew Jessica Minchew
    Love this toner!
    Kristine Ross
    Verified Buyer
    Healing, Purifying & Smells Amazing!
    I love this aromatherpeutic toner! Omg it’s amazing! I love the blend of essential oils - it’s so purifying ans helps to heal any blemishes. I found it’s even great for a sunburn. I use it morning and night after cleansing. Also helps with my product penetration.
    Alicia Chopin
    Verified Buyer
    Great toner
    I love this toner since it gives moisture to my face without being heavy. I use it all year long but it's best when the summer when humidity is really high.
    K. G.
    Verified Buyer
    Great toner
    This toner is gentle, moisturizing, and refreshing. And it lasts forever! As a chemist, I'm fascinated that it is an emulsion that never falls out of solution (the components never separate and you never need to shake it to resuspend the ingredients).
    Verified Buyer
    Super Refreshing !
    The minute I spray this on it makes my face feel amazing ! the refreshing feeling & smell is great ! Great for oily skin & thats exactly what I have !! Will continue to use !
    Verified Buyer
    Incredible for combination/oily skin!
    I absolutely LOVE this mist. I have sensitive combination/oily skin so finding skincare products that work without clogging up my pores is tough. That being said, this toning mist is so lightweight it's perfect for my unique skin. I can spray on before heading out as a little skin "refresh". If you have combination and/or oily skin, Lotion Yon-Ka PNG is a must!
    Verified Buyer
    Most Refreshing!
    I have just started using but love it! The smell, the feeling and the results of hydration are wonderful. I like that it's in a glass container; I also have a water filter and use glass bottles to drink from..cleaner.
    Try this!!
    It is a great toner. So glad I splurged after reading all the positive reviews. It's worth giving it a try!!!
    saved from winter dryness
    It is very gentle, but the moisturizing is very deep. It captures water from the shower and keeps my skin flexible all day. I use it on my back, chest, and face - particularly my ears. This winter has been so dry that the skin toner is a life and skin saver.
    Great toner that doesn't leave your skin feeling too dry or too tight. Great for use in the summer when skin tends to get a little oilier.
    OBSESSED with this Toner
    I have never used toner before, but I read that Martha Stewart uses this so I thought I'd give it a try. My esthetician also recommend this product for my skin. IT IS A MIRACLE PRODUCT. It has kept my skin blemish free for the past 3 months, but is not at all drying. I use it twice a day and I love it.

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    Lotion Yon-Ka PNG
    Lotion Yon-Ka PNG
    Refreshing, Invigorating Toning Mist