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Rebalancing Care Treatments

Essential C

Hydralessence Treatment

The Hydralessence Treatment is an ultra-hydrating, refreshing facial to control the effects of extreme moisture loss, a precursor to advanced aging. Each technologically advanced product applied will flood the skin with absolute hydration. This treatment also soothes damaged, irritated, or dry, dehydrated skin and is the perfect ally for naturally fragile or traumatized skin from peels, lasers, or overexposure to the sun. A botanical-rich gel scrub gently eliminates lifeless cells while also infusing the skin with lasting moisture. This precedes a deep, relaxing, and sensorial face and neck massage. Ending with a freshly prepared modeling mask enriched with the powerfully softening actions of seaweed and red fruit extracts restores skin's dewiness and radiance.

50/60 min.

Sensitive Treatment

This rebalancing and soothing treatment is designed for sensitive and reactive skin. It features clean, gentle products aimed at calming irritation and decreasing the appearance of redness associated with various inflammatory skin conditions, including couperose and rosacea. Its lasting results will protect, correct, and boost the skin by strengthening its delicate capillaries and evening the skin tone.

50/60 min.

Purity Treatment

This treatment addresses all the imperfections associated with acne, beginning with eliminating the toxins and impurities associated with blackheads, pimples, and pustules. Superior to a conventional approach, each step purges and controls bacteria, gently eliminates cellular buildup on the surface, and soothes red or irritated lesions to encourage the skin's self-repair process. The result is a clear complexion that is supple, purified, and hydrated.

50/60 min.

Alpha Vital Treatment

The Alpha-Vital is a resurfacing and reconditioning treatment for the epidermis. Use this treatment to re-plumping the skin's surface and restore a smooth, velvety texture and even tone. For all sky types, it's an effective skin "reboot" and helps keep the complexion healthy and radiant, especially as the skin adapts to seasonal changes. The potent formulations contain complex synergies of AHA'S/BHA's, are designed for lackluster complexions, and are effective at reducing the imperfections associated with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

50/60 min.

Essential C Treatment

Genetics, environmental factors, and compromised circulation can poorly impact the skin's overall coloring. Recover a luminous and brighter-looking complexion and reduce the look of dark spots with this effective hydroquinone-free intensive treatment series. Patented time-defying Vitamin C and 30% glycolic acid naturally and effectively interrupt the entire melanogenesis/skin pigmentation process helping to lighten existing spots and prevent new ones from developing. Complemented with the Yon-Ka Paris ESSENTIAL WHITE home care program as directed, this non-toxic intensive series will make the skin more even-toned, lighten spots, reduce contrasts, and recover a bright and radiant complexion.

50/60 min.

Proven Results After A 4 Week Treatment Series:
90% Complexion is more even toned
90% Skin appears lighter and brighter

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