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How do environmental aggressors damage the skin?

Many studies conducted over the last decade have directly linked pollutants and various skin conditions like premature skin aging, ...pimple breakouts, and eczema. This works because the pollutants infiltrate the skin cell membranes and make their way into the body through diffusion. The intake of the pollutants by the skin causes the body to secrete free radicals that can cause an imbalance.

Our bodies naturally produce antioxidants that fight these free radicals. However, prolonged exposure to pollution and fumes means that the skin’s antioxidants will be depleted, and so will other essential vitamins such as C and E. This will therefore lead to inflammation, which will destroy the skin barrier and eventually damage the skin.

Ultimately, a person affected by such impurities will have wrinkles, sunburn, moisture loss, and prematurely aged skin.
Here are the primary outdoor pollutants as listed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):
• Carbon monoxide
• Nitrogen dioxide
• Heavy metals
• Particulate matter
• Sulfur dioxide

How anti-pollution skincare protects the skin

Skincare companies have researched how anti-pollution skincare products shield people from harmful environmental factors. However, it is a common conclusion that skincare products with the goodness of anti-pollution protect the skin from multiple sources of damage, including environmental pollutants.

Here are some ways in which these products work:


The anti-effluence products contain antioxidants that fight free radicals before they cause any harm to the body. Some researchers claim that they help in correcting skin damage caused by pollution.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is common in many beauty products. When infused with serum and niacinamide, it has been known to reduce dark spots and maintain a more substantial skin barrier.

Other antioxidants include:

Vitamin E
Vitamin A
Vitamin C

UV Blockers

UV rays penetrate the skin, thus causing collagen to break down rapidly than normal, resulting in the abnormal build-up of elastin. As a result, the individual will have wrinkles, saggy skin, and cellular damage, increasing cancer risk. However, applying sunscreen helps reduce your exposure to harmful sun rays that damage the skin. Look for one with an SPF of 30 or above. That will provide a physical barrier to both pollutants and UV rays.


The moisturization helps strengthen the skin barrier and minimize the odds of air pollutants entering the skin, which causes oxidative stress that damages the skin.

Our experts recommend the following products:

Hyaluronic acid- is a vital building block of the skin. It maintains moisture and preserves the skin barrier.
• Ceramides- has active ingredients, which boost the skin barrier function. Fewer pollutants will permeate.
• Prebiotics and probiotics. Pollution damages the skin’s microbiome. These are microorganisms and bacteria that stay on the skin to enhance skin health. Products with microbiome skin care restore balance and strength to the skin.

Anti-pollution skincare products from Yon-Ka

Best anti-pollution cleansing masks

The Masque 103 Cleansing Normal to Oily Skins

It has purifying essential oils and detoxifying clays. That is not all; it absorbs the excess sebum and brightens your complexion for individuals with an oily skin type. It can as well be used as a cleanser to treat skin breakouts in teens and blemishes in adults.

Furthermore, this product has anti-effluence properties such as Vitamin C, which fights against any pollutants that may enter the skin.
The mask was also infused with the Yon-Ka Quintessence that adds an aromatic fragrance, soothes the senses, and tones the skin. It can too be used to rebalance and relieve the skin from any pimples or breakouts.
Besides, it’s important to note that this product tightens the pores.

The Masque 105 Soothing Dry and Sensitive skin

This masque 105 is made from three detoxifying clays and essential oils that purify the skin, shrink large pores and brighten your complexion. However, this product is different from Masque 103 because it has a lower concentration of essential oils.

It is approved for people of all ages and should be a central part of your everyday beauty routine. Your skin will ultimately look healthy, more balanced, and have a fine texture.
The masque 105 can also rectify imperfections on dry skin.

Best anti-oxidant booster

Yon-Ka Defense+ Booster

The Yon-Ka Defense+booster is a nourishing oil from our brand. It is infused with pine bark and pomegranate oil to shield the skin from environmental aggressors like cold, sun, and others. Further, this product prevents premature aging of the skin.

Moreover, the ingredients are all 100% natural and have other soothing ingredients that leave a gentle fragrance of the Yon-ka Quintessence.

Our experts recommend that this product be used hand in hand with an everyday cream to make the skin more potent and more protected from harsh environmental conditions.
It is suitable for all skin types.

Best anti-pollution cream

Vital Defense Anti-Pollution Cream

Our Vital Defense Anti-Pollution Cream is made for all skin types. It is specially formulated for individuals who are exposed to the sun daily. Aside from the sun’s rays, this product also protects the skin from dust, tobacco, and other fine particles that may permeate the skin.

The Vital Defense Anti-Pollution contains moringa extracts and other antioxidants such as Vitamin C and myrtle to assist the body in fighting oxidative stress and maintaining the skin’s radiance. This product also aids in hydrating the skin, leaving you looking brighter and full of life.

Best anti-pollution age defense

Nude Perfect Fluide

Our Nude Perfect Fluide is a multi-perfector fluid recommended by dermatologists. It provides you with an instant blur effect. It visibly blurs any wrinkles, improves the quality of the skin, eliminates any fine lines leaving you with a more radiant complexion.

It is made with 96% natural ingredients making it the perfect product to use day and night. Furthermore, it is essential to note that it has been enriched with anti-effluence ingredients, antioxidants, purifying oils, and other hydrating elements to minimize any blemish areas and refine your skin texture. This product will also protect you from digital and environmental effluence.

Yon-Ka Detox beauty box

In this box, you will find two valuable products that aid in boosting your defense against effluence. These products are the Gommage Yon-Ka grain-free scrub, an exfoliant, and the vital defense fluid. The grain-free scrub gently extracts any dead skin cells and further purifies your skin. It is also enriched with anti-pollution factors and a moisturizer that will leave you feeling all sorts of youthful.

With this duo, you can never go wrong. In the end, your skin will be protected from environmental aggressors, nourished, and well purified from any impurities.
Use these products every day for the best results.

Best mineral sunscreen

Sunscreen Cream SPF 50

Yon-Ka’s SPF 50 provides you with the ultimate defense against UVA and UVB rays. This product also has algae, giving you a lasting tan that will protect the skin from aging.
Additionally, this product has vitamins E, B5, and polyphenols that are extracted from three teas. These will all prevent the skin from sustaining any pigment marks from the sun or any signs of premature aging.

The Sunscreen SPF 50 keeps your epidermis well hydrated. It is also made without any fragrances or nanoparticles. Therefore, you will not have to worry about any artificial chemicals on your skin.


After processing the above information, you may now choose to start using anti-pollution products from Yon-Ka. Dermatologists worldwide medically approve all our products, and hence you need not worry about this. Furthermore, you can visit our website to view these products in greater detail. Try us out today for high-quality beauty products.

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