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Do You Have Oily Skin? Here Are The Best Skin Care Products For You


Oily skin is by far the most common skin condition present today. It is also one of the most confusing conditions treat. Some dermatologists prescribe medication that completely strips away the skin’s natural oils.

This brings about certain dangers, and one is more susceptible to infection. On the other hand, other doctors prescribe medication that further amplifies the skin’s natural oil production. This worsens the condition, and as a result, the individual acquires conditions such as clogged pores and even skin breakouts.

Therefore, to aid you in alleviating your worries about oily skin, we have compiled a shortlist of skincare products that are suitable for oily skin types and a skincare routine that will aid you in controlling excess oil production.

Causes of oily skin

However, having oil on your skin is not a bad thing because the right amount on your skin protects you from external elements that are toxic. Researchers have it that some causes of having it are:

• hormonal changes
• staying in an environment with high moisture levels
• ingesting medication that may alter hormone production
• Eating sugary and fatty foods.

However, there is some good news because it is possible to get your oily skin under control. All you need is the right products and routine. It is also good to note that to attain some balance in your body’s oil production; you should look out for products that do not strip you of all the necessary oils leaving the skin overly dry.

A skincare routine that controls oil production

When picking products, choose those that do not clog the skin’s pores and are oil-free. One should seek out products that have active ingredients, which will assist your oil glands to function normally as compared to altering how they work. Some of the active ingredients may include sulfur and salicylic acid.

Further, products with a lighter formula are likely to be more effective towards oily skin. Some products with lighter formulations are gels, lotions, and serums. Avoid ointments and creams because they may worsen your condition.

When you are about to start the cleansing exercise, we recommend you be highly gentle. Furthermore, you should reduce the instances of skin exfoliation and keep it to a minimum of once a week. That is because when you over-cleanse or exfoliate too much, this will lead to increased oil production in your skin. The oil production glands will become more active, and this will be counterproductive towards your efforts.

Routines such as having a clay mask on two times a week can help in controlling oil production. Nonetheless, always use a moisturizer regularly and wear your sunscreen with a large enough SPF before heading into the sun.

For other useful tips on how to manage your skin, Click on this website for invaluable information.

After those insights, here are our top skincare products for oily skin types:

After intense research, we have discovered that oily skin characterizes excess sebum, shine, and blackheads. Here at Yon-Ka, we have developed a broad range of face care products specifically designed to cater to oily skins.

After using these products, your skin will look healthier, softer and leave you with a long-lasting matte look. Our products will also purify your skin, reduce any blemishes that you might have, reduce the shine and refine the skin’s texture.

Best Cleansing Gel for Oily skin

The Gel Nettoyant Cleansing Gel is specially designed for oily skin types. Further, if you suffer from teen pimples and have oily skin, this is the right product. This cleansing gel gently removes any makeup from your face so that your skin can be able to breathe again. You may also use it on your eyes and lips.

In addition, this product is easy to clean because it rinses off conveniently with water. That is not all; it has a thin and silky foam made from 100% natural products, including lavender and geranium.

We guarantee this product will leave your skin looking clear, purified, and more comfortable.

Best exfoliator for an oily skin

Here at Yon-Ka, we guarantee safe products for all skin types. The Guarana Scrub Exfoliator is specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals with oily skins. It is a facial scrub cream that comes in two granules, namely, rice microbeads and guarana. These two work harmoniously to scrub and polish oily skins.

The rich texture of this product has been known to deeply cleanse, purify, shrink pores and refine the skin’s surface. Therefore, you will be left with beautiful skin that does not have any blemishes.

For optimal effectiveness, use it 2-3 times a week on damp skin. Apply in circular movements and avoid the eyes and lips. Lastly, rinse thoroughly after exfoliation and dry it without rubbing.

Best products for oily skin and pimples

GLYCONIGHT 10% MASQUE The Clean Peel With 10% Pure Glycolic Acid

The Glyconight, 10% mask, is a clean peel that breathes new life into your skin. It is made with 10% pure glycolic acid. This peel also has a triple function against oily skin types. It has anti-aging properties, provides radiance to oily skin, and gives a new skin effect. Furthermore, it can be used as a radiance boost for intensive treatment against oily skin types.

The Glyconight mask works rapidly as you will soon realize results from the first morning after you wake up. These results will be consistent with each application.

Other properties include a clean and vegan formulation that is medically proven. Also, it can be used by all skin types, even dry skin types.

For maximum effectiveness, apply this product in the evening after you cleanse up. Apply the mask in a thin layer and leave overnight. You can then rinse off with lukewarm water early the following morning

MASQUE 103 Purifying, Detoxifying Mask

Here is yet another compelling product for your oily skin. The Masque 103 has three detoxifying clays that not only purify your skin but also absorb any excess sebum and shrink the pores to achieve general body wellness. Further, it has been proven to brighten one’s complexion and treat teen pimples.

Adult blemishes can also be treated using this product. Hence, do not feel left behind. Furthermore, if your toning was thrown out of balance due to severe skin breakouts, this product has a toner that leaves the skin pores tighter than ever before.

For maximum effectiveness, apply it 1 to 3 times a week. However, only do so after removing any makeup or cleansing the skin. Apply it in a thick layer and leave it on for 15 minutes. Lastly, remove it using lukewarm water and dry it without rubbing (because it may disturb the pores). You may conclude by applying a treatment cream

Face lotions for oily skin types


The Yon-Ka lotion is a face mist specially formulated to care for oily skin. It is a soothing, alcohol-free toner with multi-function mist that purifies, hydrates, soothes, and invigorates the skin leaving you feeling fresh and younger.

The lotion is made from natural elements such as thyme, cypress, rosemary, and lavender. Therefore, your skin will not suffer from side effects brought about by manufactured products, which can be potentially harmful.

Further, it stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, which helps in reducing the visibility of fine lines and retains moisture on the skin.

Additionally, you can use it on sunburns, to treat insect bites, or use it to detoxify the skin for better results.

For the best results, before applying, you must first cleanse the skin, mist your face and neck with the Yon-ka Lotion and massage it thoroughly into the skin.

Emulsion Pure- Purifying Lotion

This is an alcohol-free product that contains five quintessence essential oils. These oils aid in fighting blemishes, and thus your skin will look that much healthier. The Emulsion Pure Lotion works by cleansing, soothing, and promoting skin regeneration. This will aid in reducing any pimples scarring that may otherwise occur.

Upon application, it absorbs quickly and does not leave any oily film behind. Hence, if you have any impurities as an adult or youth, this product will help you achieve healthier and clearer skin.

Other properties of this lotion are that it contains 98% pure ingredients and has an ultra-penetrating treatment that is alcohol-free.

For best results, remove any makeup using a cleanser and mist your face. Proceed to soak a piece of cotton in the Emulsion Pure and compress it on the affected area. Leave it on for 15 minutes and conclude by applying a treatment product.

Best product for Oily skin and large pores

The Pamplemousse protective cream is one of our best-selling commodities with positive reviews. It is also a brightening cream for oily skin types. It has an energizing booster with the goodness of Vitamin C and other citrus essentials that brighten your skin. It is also critical to note that it contains niacinamide that makes it oil-free non-comedogenic pores, thus shrinking any large pores.

Further, it has fruit extracts that enrich it. This serves to balance and protects the skin from external toxic elements every day. In the end, your skin will look smoother, have a lighter texture, and have a refreshing citrus fragrance.

For best results, use it in the morning and evening daily after removing any makeup. You must then apply the Pamplemousse protective cream and massage it gently onto the skin.

Simple products for oily skin

The Yon-Ka shine-free skin pack is a clear skin routine set. It is a package that contains three highly natural products with some active ingredients that work well.

In the package, you will find the following products:

These products will work harmoniously to purify, cleanse and strengthen your skin. A complete routine that is consistent will adequately deal with skin impurities leaving you feeling younger and fresh.


Here at Yon-Ka, there are certainly a lot of products suited for all skin types. You will therefore have to make the right choices before purchasing any product. It is, however, essential to know your skin type and what products are best suited for it. Skincare is healthcare, go for it, stick to it, sleep, and wake up to it.

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