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Specific Facial Treatments
Control Breakouts, Redness, and Dark Spots

Widely used by spa treatment professionals and recognized worldwide for their efficiency, Yon-Ka’s Specific Care line provides an expert response to the most difficult skin. These products address issues such as breakouts, sensitivity, redness, and dark spots. They naturally work to protect and heal the skin, leaving you with a glowing complexion that you can feel proud of.
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A guide to the best skincare expert-recommended spa facial treatment

There's nothing more refreshing and mind-clearing than relaxing and soothing your body with spa-at-home products from Yon-Ka. With suitable spa facial treatment creams and accessories, you can rest and pamper your body right at the comfort of your home. Spa treatments at spas can be ...costly, mainly when visited on the regular. The truth is that unless you are rich, you are surely not having weekly spa days. The benefits may be fulfilling, but the cost involved is undoubtedly high, not to ignore. A spa-at-home facial and massage experience with the correct microdermabrasion and massage products is the cheaper yet beneficial experience you require. Below are some of the best spa facial treatments from Yon-Ka to suit your sensitive skin.

Stress Relief 101

The best way to relieve stress is pampering your skin with three Yon-Ka products, Lait Nettoyant, Lotion Yon-Ka PS Limited Edition, and Booster Nutri+. Lait Nettoyant is applied first to softly and thoroughly cleanse your skin. Hydrate and rebalance your sensitive skin with the Yon-Ka mist spray, Lotion Yon-Ka PS. Finally, apply the Nutri+ Booster enhanced with solar-charged quintessence. To fully achieve the products' stress-relieving benefits, deeply dry in air and exhale stress. The Lait Nettoyant cleanser is free.

Hydration Cure

Hydrate your dry, dehydrated skin and treat it with these iconic Yon-Ka hydration products. This trio has three products, Eau Micellaire, Hydra N1 Serum, and Hydra N1 Masque. Eau Micellaire, to get rid of impurities, wiping them away with a thorough swipe. Then after cleansing, apply the hydration duo of Hydra N1 Serum and Hydra N1 Crame for extra moisture to the face. To top it off, finish with the Hydra N1 Masque for smooth, moisturized skin. Eau Micellaire is a free product from Yon-Ka in this trio.

At-Home Relaxation Kit

This kit contains relaxation and hydrating facial essentials to fit you. With these three, you experience a total spa feeling right at your home. This ultimate relaxation kit contains Lait Nettoyant(free from Yon-Ka), Phyto-Contour and Hydra N1 Masque. The cleanser Lait Nettoyant is designed to remove impurities from the skin gently but thoroughly. Secondly, after the cleansing, apply the Phyto-Contour near the eye contours for a stiffening and refreshing feel. Apply the Hydra N1 Masque on the face and neck to hydrate, brighten and smoothen them. The jasmine and rose scents detoxicate your sensitive skin for a bright outlook.

Yon-Ka Paris X QYKSonic Anti-aging Bundle

This bundle is unique with anti-aging products, tools, and cleansers; Lait Nettoyant, Elixir Vital, and Zoe Bliss from QYKSonic. The Zoe Bliss is a hypoallergenic tool for cleansing, soothing, and rejuvenating your skin. Lait Nettoyant is a cleansing cream suitable for all skin types for removing makeup and cleansing and rebalancing your skin to brighten your look. Elixir Vital removes fine lines and wrinkles to reinvigorate smoothness to your skin from its 24 amino acids, giving you a youthful appearance. On the other hand, Zoe Bliss is a device that refreshes, and pat dries your skin with a single treatment, leaving you nourished.

Clear Skin Routine Value Set

A clear face revives the youthful appearance of the face. This routine helps clear off or control blemishes, unblock pores and reduce excessive oil after hydrating the skin. This value set is made to reduce aging signs and curb blemishes. This set is portable for its travel-size nature, allowing you to control your skin on vacation in case of breakouts. Clear Skin Routine Value Set can be used at any age.

Yon-KA Paris X QYKSonic Cleansing Duo

Combining the ultimate cleansers, Zoe Bliss fromQYKSonic and Lait Nettoyant, this cleansing duo will refresh and purify your skin. This value bundle soothes the skin and intensely cleans your pores, letting your skin breathe. The Zoe Bliss device is hypoallergenic. Therefore when coupled up with Lait Nettoyant, you get rid of fine lines on your face while still cleansing your pores and refreshing you. Lait Nettoyant is suitable for all skin types and can also be used as an all-day milk cleanser or makeup remover.

Beauty Box Vitality

Bolster your skin with this essential duo of Pamplemousse PS Creme and Creme Mains hand cream. These products brighten your skin complexion and repair your hands, leaving the skin reinvigorated, smooth and supple. The Pamplemousse PS Creme enhances your complexion with vitamin C, smoothening dry, sensitive skin. The comforting scented Creme Mains repairs and nourishes rough, dry skin with special mandarin oils and sweet orange. This duo will leave you looking radiant and hands repaired.

Beauty Box Detox

Defend and detoxicate for a fresh look and refreshing feel. This duo, Gommage Yon-Ka, and Vital defense creams offer aromatherapeutic benefits to your sensitive skin, giving off a vibrant, radiant look. Gommage Yon-Ka is a non-abrasive, vegetal polish that removes dead cells, disinfects, and clears the face. Vital cream protects the face from pollution and hydrates it. It further repairs facial damage from the environment's free radicals to give you healthy, bright skin.

QYKSonic Beauty Device

Zoe Bliss, a Sonic Beauty tool, helps cleanse, massage, apply creams, moisturizers, and serums. This device works well with Yon-Ka products to brighten, smoothen, nourish and revitalize your sensitive skin regularly. The device can be used up to 500 times on a single charge, making it a reliable tool that you can use whenever. For a spa-at-home feel, incorporate this unique accessory and enjoy the feel of the hygienic tool on your face as it does its job.

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