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Customize Your Skincare With Just A Few Drops

Revitalize your complexion by mixing a facial oil booster with your favorite Yon-Ka moisturizer. Discover our best boosters guaranteed to hydrate, nourish, protect, and lift skin.
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Bright boost


Arguably, the skin is the most neglected organ in the body. Despite being the largest organ, many people fail to take care of their skin until is too late and infection shows up. However, prevention is always the best cure. Here at Yon-Ka, we develop skincare products for all skin types and conditions. If you are experiencing dullness, blemishes, or dark spots, our bright boost products will be sure to rectify the situation. The products work by brightening, smoothing, and resurfacing the skin. In the end, you will experience a natural glow like never before.

According to experts and manufacturers, dark, pigmented, and dull skin can be caused by many factors such as pollution, over-exposure to the sun, medical conditions, or poor lifestyle choices. Many people, however, wish to achieve fair and flawless skin. As a result, they turn to low-quality products on the market that only do more harm. Additionally, most of these products have harmful chemicals that will damage the skin when used over a lengthy period.

This post will share some skin brightening tips that may give you a fair complexion. They include:

Getting enough sleep

For flawless skin, the body needs at least 7 to 9 hours of good quality sleep. It would be best if you always give yourself enough time to rest to get that inner glow.

How this works is that while you sleep, your heart pushes the blood flow to the skin. This would then translate to you waking up feeling healthy and having brighter skin. If you do not get enough sleep, you will have a dull complexion, and on other occasions, you may have dark spots.

Drink enough water

Drinking at least two liters of water a day can be beneficial to you. By keeping your body hydrated, you will improve both the skin’s texture and appearance. Further, drinking adequate water flushes out toxins that may contribute to a dull complexion.

Wear sunscreen

Protecting your skin from the harmful radiation of the sun will prove to be of great benefit. The sun can be responsible for a dark complexion, and this can easily be avoided by applying sunscreen with SPF labels of 30 and above. You can easily find this product on Yon-Ka.

Moisturize often

Having a daily moisturizer will help you get rid of flaky and dry skin by trapping moisture on the skin. Your skin tone will appear radiant and brighter. Moisturizing gives your skin an instant boost to the complexion of your skin. Finally, always exfoliate to get rid of dead skin build-up.

Yon-Ka products that boost your complexion

We develop top-of-the-line products that dermatologists recommend. Here are some products that can help boost your complexion to achieve radiant and brighter skin.

Booster Nutri+ : Nourishing and Repairing facial oil

This is a concentrated anti-aging serum that is rich and is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Further, it is nourishing facial oil that repairs any damages that might have been sustained previously.

99% of the ingredients are natural, and therefore, you do not have to worry about artificial additives. The booster has a blend of lipid-based oils that deeply nourish and repair damaged and dry skin types.

In addition, it is rich in Vitamins E and F. These vitamins work to improve the look of the skin, repair damage by sun exposure, protect from environmental pollutants and rectify any nutrient deficiency.
For best results, apply in the morning and evening daily for a month.

Yon-Ka Booster Lift+ : Lifting Firming Booster Fluid

This water-based booster is designed to care for all skin types, even those with an acute lack of elasticity or skin that requires firming and lifting. It is a concentrated firming serum composed of 92% natural ingredients that help soothe and boost the skin complexion.

Furthermore, it has a combination of two chamomile extracts, namely, German and roman. These two smooth the skin and improve the general appearance of your complexion.
Other properties are that it is a water-based product; therefore, it will not clog your pores. It is infused with the Yon-Ka quintessence fragrance composed of five essential oils that provide the skin with numerous healing benefits.

For best results, you must first cleanse your face by removing any makeup and applying lotion. You may then add a few drops of the concentrate to your face cream and apply them to the face and neck. Do this twice a day for two months and experience a difference.

Booster Hydra+ : Hydrating solution

Our hydrating serum is both lightweight and water-based. It is suitable for all skin types and contains over 94% natural ingredients. Some ingredients infused into this hydrating solution are vegetable glycerin, black currant extract, and sodium PCA.

The Booster Hydra helps in treating skin dehydration, and this serum fits easily into any skincare routine.

Moreover, since it is water-based, it will not clog your pores. Therefore, you can look forward to having clear skin with no blemishes or impurities.
For best results, apply in the morning and evening for a month. However, it should be applied after cleansing your face.

Yon-Ka Paris Booster Defense+ : Antioxidant Booster Oil

Boosting your skin’s environmental defenses can prolong its youthful qualities. The Yon-Ka booster defense contains unique antioxidants that protect the skin from environmental damage, breakouts, and skin-aging free radical damage.

In addition, it is 99.86% natural ingredients, which are tea seed oil, cistus essential oil, pomegranate oil, and many more.
This product is also fortified with the Yon-Ka quintessence with five essential oils that provide the body with multiple healing benefits.

It will also not clog your pores and has an elegant lightweight dry oil that will do wonders for your skin.

For best results, add one or two pumps to your moisturizer and apply at least twice a day, morning and evening. You can also use it to the neck to achieve evenness.

Yon-Ka Paris Elixir Vital – Repairing solution

Our facial serum is the ultimate multi-regenerating SOS treatment for any skin type. It comes highly recommended by experts because it is made with dermatologist preferred technology. Additionally, you can use it after extreme tiredness, excess exposure to the sun, and even after extensive emotional stress.

The Elixir Vital is highly concentrated in plant extracts and is also rich in nineteen vitalizing amino acids. This will nourish your skin, soothe and provide you with an anti-aging solution that works effectively.

Aside from that, this product also regulates sebum production, heals and revitalizes the skin. You will hence gain a clearer and smoother appearance.
Other properties are its light texture that quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving you feeling young and fresh.

For best results, use twice a day, morning and evening, after gently cleansing your face.

Advanced Optimizer Serum - Firming

Our advanced optimizer is a redensifying serum that works by tightening the skin. It can be used together with the cream to amplify its tightening effect and boost the anti-aging properties.

This product instantly penetrates the skin to provide rapid results. It has been enriched with hibiscus peptides that work to stimulate the production of collagen by the body. This serum tightens the skin on both your neck and face.

For best results, cleanse your face and mist some lotion on your face. You may then apply these products twice daily for a month.


Products in this post are all non-acid and are beneficial to you. If, after using the products, you realize some impressive results, we highly recommend sharing them with family and friends. That will ensure that even your loved ones attain clear skin that is brighter and more radiant.

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