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Face Cleansers & Makeup Removers
Gentle Facial Cleansers For All Skin Types

Treat your skin to one of our invigorating and refreshing cleansers available in four different texture choices that are formulated to meet the changing needs of your skin. These best cleansers for oily, dry, sensitive, and normal skin allow users to enjoy a thorough deep purifying cleanse that is gentle to the skin, never harsh or drying, and alcohol and sulfate free, all while being rich in plant based cleansing agents.
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Yon-Ka Paris Guide To The Benefits of Cleansers

How you cleanse your skin is just as important as what you put on it. Furthermore, choosing the right cleanser for your skin type has many positive benefits for your skin. Traditional face washes are a thing of the past. Welcome to the new age of face cleansers, which include cleansing balms, oils, gels, milks, and more.


1) Remove makeup as well as skin-aging impurities such as pollution
2) Moisturize, condition, and replenish your skin's natural barrier...
3) Aid your skin's natural rate of exfoliation, helping to reveal a fresh, healthy complexion
4) Tackle skin concerns such as dark spots, acne, and hyperpigmentation
5) Balance your skin's natural condition, whether dry, dehydrated or oily

What Is A Cleanser?
Skin cleansers are surface—active substances – specifically emulsifiers/detergents/surfactants/soaps that lower the surface tension on the skin and remove dirt, sebum (oil) from cosmetic products, microorganisms, and exfoliated corneum cells (the outer layer of the epidermis) (skin) in an emulsified form. An ideal cleanser should do all these without damaging or irritating the skin. In fact, cleansers should be formulated to try and keep the skin surface moist.

It’s important to use a product intended for your face – not just any soap or body wash you may have available. You’ll want to wash your face gently and take care not to scrub too hard. Then, rinse with warm water; hot water removes natural oils and causes your skin to become dehydrated.

Finding the right cleanser for you may be a process of trial and error. If you have dry skin, you’ll want to use one without alcohol or fragrance. If your skin tends to be oily, you’ll want to look for an oil-free option, and you may want to consider using a toner as well.


The most important quality in cleansers, according to dermatologists, comes down to one specific word: gentle. It’s good practice to stick to a gentle skin care regimen. To avoid redness, dryness or oversensitivity, most dermatologists suggest using one product at a time for at least two weeks before adding anything new to avoid sensitizing the skin. For those in their 20s whose lifestyles may include late nights, less sleep or perhaps more alcohol consumption, nightly face washing is essential. Our EAU MICELLAIRE doubles as a gentle cleansing water and make up remover for all skin types. Composed of an exquisite botanical blend of antioxidant sea lavender, refreshing rose and soothing chamomile, this mild cleanser prepares the skin for toner and serum application.

When you reach your 30s, the signs of aging start becoming more noticeable. Cell turnover begins to slow down, skin recovers less easily from inflammation, vital proteins such as collagen and elastin breakdown faster and less is made. And the naturally found skin plumping sugar in the body known as hyaluronic acid starts to decrease. Hyaluronic acid is the essential ingredient every single person needs in their skincare routine, regardless of skin type, complexion, or conditions – it helps calm inflammation, moisturizes, and protects against the signs of aging.

Once you reach your 40s, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, bags under the eyes, and more prominent laugh lines called nasolabial folds are all new realities you may encounter and address at this age. Different stages of life call for different skincare solutions, once you reach this exciting milestone, we recommend using our luxurious, velvety softy cleansing milk, LAIT NETTOYANT . It contains extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties, as well as nourishing brown algae to maintain capillary health. Ideal for dry skin, but suitable for all skin types.

For those in their 50s and 60s the best face cleanser in our Yon-Ka Paris beauty cleansing arsenal is NETTOYANT CREME . This pampering cleanser and makeup remover - with a rich creamy texture - delicately treats dry, damaged and sensitive skin and sweeps away all traces of makeup, pollution and impurities on the skin.


People with oily or acne-prone skin, should avoid products with sulfates. Some soaps contain sulfates that are aggressive surfactants that can wash away your healthy fats and lipids and dry out the skin. For acne-prone skin, you don’t want to over-dry your skin; in fact, that causes the skin to produce more oil, and make the condition worse.

The best cleanser for an oily skin type is a gel based formula that will help to remove makeup, bacteria and excess oil to prevent your pores from becoming obstructed. Cleansing is an important step for those with oily skin as it can assist to fight blemishes and prevent future outbreaks. Cleansing no more than two times a day and using a gentle method of scrubbing to counter oil production. Our gentle silky cleansing GEL NETTOYANT is formulated for oily skin, but all skin types can benefit from it as it can be used as an everyday cleanser. Additionally, it removes makeup, and is composed of 96% ingredients of natural origin. The nourishing red algae and amino acids strengthen the skin’s life span. And the low foaming gel cleanser treats acne prone skin. It is the BEST FACE CLEANSER FOR ACNE to help balance skin and natural pH to maintain skin health.


Besides having facial hair, there are structural differences between men and women’s skin. Testosterone stimulation causes an increase in skin thickness, which is why a man’s skin is 25% thicker than a woman’s. The majority of men have larger pores and larger oil glands in their face than women do therefore produce increased sebum. Many dermatologists agree that soaps and cleansers are on the opposite of the spectrum. The ingredients in a bar of soap typically throw off the pH balance of the face, which will open the skin up to unwanted bacteria and viruses. Whereas, cleansers are designed to hydrate while cleaning with often times, mild active ingredients beneficial to skin health.

Many skincare experts and dermatologists recommend plant-based ingredients and products for men that include a gentle exfoliant. While a daily scrub is unnecessary (and possibly damaging), a mild exfoliant in your cleanser will rid the face of dead skin cells and environmental pollutants affecting the skin. These ingredients are formulated to fight acne as well as pimple formation. When using other products, like moisturizers or night creams, incorporating cleansers to the skin will allow those products to be more effective. Parabens, detergents, sulfates, and synthetic dyes or fragrances are all things you want to stray away from. At Yon-Ka Paris, we recommend our highly effective moisturizing foaming men’s face wash MEN'S FOAM GEL . It has three plant-based cleansing agents: lime oil, red seaweed, and licorice to remove the day’s buildup without stripping moisture, leaving the skin soothed and refreshed.


You don’t have to be blessed with beautiful complexion to have glowing skin. Anyone with a simple skincare routine, they follow daily, can be on their way to dewy-skin glory.

So what steps should you take for a long-lasting beautiful complexion?

1) Stay hydrated. Making sure to drink enough water throughout the day is key for healthy looking skin.

2) Learn your skin type. Do you research or head to a dermatologist to get a definite answer on whether you have normal, dry, sensitive, oily or combination skin.

3) Sunscreen. Wear sunscreen every day whether it’s sunny or not; UV rays damage your skin cells, and make your skin's surface uneven, end results – light won’t reflect very well on the skin, hence no glow-iness.

4) Moisturize. Most dermatologists and skincare experts recommend moisturizing your skin twice a day. Using facial moisturizers with ingredients like ceramides and hyaluronic acid, which is a humectant that acts like a sponge to pull hydration to the outer layer, are super effective.

5) Use gentle cleansers. Washing your face with a gentle and hydrating cleanser is crucial to achieve: “the glow.” Discover the complete Yon-Ka Paris CLEANSERS AND MAKEUP REMOVERS collection described above.

Each cleansing technique and formula holds its own special benefits for your skin. You may even find one to be more appropriate for winter and another for summer. If you cleanse twice daily, you may find one product to be better for morning and another for nighttime.

A new trendy skincare term called “situational cleansing” is making waves in the beauty industry. It puts skin front and center when it comes to its immediate needs. Routines dictate our daily lives, but paying close attention to what our skin is doing at any give time, and treating it adequately, improves your skin health in the long run; in essence, being more mindful and giving your skin a diagnostic before reaching for a product can save you from skin ailments, time and money. Some dermatologists agree that different circumstances do call for different cleansers and the reasons can be wide-ranging: Different seasons, workouts, travel, varying geographic locations, taking certain medicines, stress, or skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and eczema.

For instance:

When your skin is dry: Opt for a cream cleanser

In times of drier skin (like air travel or when you're on your period or in the midst of winter), go for hydration. To prevent dry skin, which can result in rashes or increased sensitivity, a hydrating cream or oil-based cleanser would be beneficial.

When skin becomes oily, try a gel cleanser

In times of oilier skin (think stress, acne, or after a sweaty workout), go for gel-based cleansers. For situations where the skin may produce more oil, you can prevent breakouts with stronger, gel-based or foaming cleansers that better address the oil buildup and clogged pores.

Should you experience a skin flare-up, try a calming cleanser

During times of heat and flushing (immediately after a gym workout), or rosacea flare-ups, go for calming ingredients. If the temperature is hot outside and you're sweating and oily, use a cleanser that strips the oil and leaves you feeling incredibly clean. However, because your skin can be both dry and red, or oily and red, it's important to pick a cleanser that won't dry you out further or increase oil levels in your T-zone. From there, modify your product use as needed to form a cleanser routine that works for (and with) your lifestyle.

If you’re on the fence about using cleansers twice a day because of over-drying the skin or irritating it, many dermatologists agree that you can take a break from your cleansing routine in the morning, BUT – not skip out on the nighttime cleansing, as the epidermis regenerates itself overnight and obstructing the shedding process by clogging pores with makeup, dirt, and oil may result in breakouts and lackluster skin, which over time can lead to signs of pre-mature aging. Washing the face at night is part of your bedtime routine and can help you fall asleep faster.

Here’s To Happy Healthy Skin!

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