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Experience the feeling of well-being, comfort and beauty, from natural active compounds found in rare plants through our Body Essentials line. Yon-Ka products give the skin hydration, suppleness and softness. Their subtle aromas provide the whole body with energy and relaxation. Find the perfect match for your skin today, and experience the beauty that is Yon-Ka.
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Best Selling Body Creams 2021

Everyone prefers their skin soft and hydrated – that’s where the body cream vs body lotion argument arises. Body creams are arguably better moisturizers than body lotions because they have a higher oil content. However, it is essential to check the ingredients before making a choice.

Maintaining healthy skin goes much deeper than deciding between moisturizers. It involves picking the best body cream with ...ingredients that suit the demands of your skin. That can get complicated, especially with a plethora of remedies for dry skin available.

Our body cream brands range from body cream for men to scented body cream to rehydrate and leave your skin smelling great. We pride ourselves on incorporating natural ingredients into our skincare products. That’s why our body cream brands guarantee healthy skin by preventing dryness, keeping it supple and moisturized.

How to Use Body Cream

Besides picking the right moisturizer, you must learn best practices to ensure you draw maximum benefits from your chosen body cream.

Applying body cream to dry skin or topping up after a couple of hours is a typical mistake that doesn’t offer the best results. The best time to apply body cream is just after a shower.

Warm and moist skin is an ideal surface for body cream application as such conditions allow the skin to draw maximum benefits from the moisturizer.

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