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Each year, more than 9 million children face hunger – that’s roughly 1 in 8 kids. For many children, the only guaranteed meals they eat each day are the ones they receive at school. Food insecurity is unfortunately very common in single-parent families and lack of proper nutrition can put young children at a serious disadvantage in development and academics.

This month, sister-owned skincare brand Yon-Ka Paris pledges to donate a portion of all proceeds to Into the Mouths of Babes, an organization that works to end child hunger. Yon-Ka Paris USA is also partnering with the Covenant House New Jersey Association to donate funds to Raphael’s Life House, a local New Jersey association that works to provide shelter and care for moms and their babies who are overcoming homelessness.

Step alongside Yon-Ka Paris this November to give through conscious spending and know that each dollar you spend will help benefit hungry children as well as moms and babies who are overcoming homelessness.

Into The Mouths of Babes

According to Feeding America, nearly 500,000 people are facing hunger in South Carolina and over 150,000 of them are children. The average cost of a meal in South Carolina is just over $3.00 and thousands of families simply don’t have the funds to feed themselves consistently.

Into the Mouths of Babes was formed in 2010 to feed the hungry children attending Mellichamp Elementary School in Orangeburg County, South Carolina. For seven years, the organization sent 150 students home with enough food to last them through the weekend when they left school on Friday. In 2016, The Filling Station joined on, helping Into the Mouth of Babes expand their services to reach approximately 1,000 students across Orangeburg County.

For years, these two organizations have partnered to ensure that hundreds of students have food to take home every weekend of the school year.

Covenant House New Jersey

Being a mom is difficult at the best of times but when food and shelter are not guaranteed, the task becomes monumental. Covenant House New Jersey is an organization that helps youth facing homelessness and human trafficking by providing shelter and care for young people aged 18 to 21.

Raphael’s Life House (RLH) is a local New Jersey association that houses 12 young moms and their babies while equipping them to support themselves and their children. RLH offers programming that aims to promote healthy parenting and Residential Advisors work with each mom to help them set and work toward goals for parenting, education, career development, and behavioral health.

How Can You Help?

Into the Mouths of Babes and The Filling Station are volunteer-led organizations that gather donations and make up food bags for elementary school children to take home and eat. You can support the mission by donating directly or you can volunteer packing bags and delivering them to the schools that participate in the program. Raphael’s Life House is just as in need of funding and assistance. Make a monetary donation or give gifts of necessities or volunteer your time to support the mission.

If you’re not local to New Jersey or South Carolina, you can still support these organizations by spending consciously in partnership with Yon-Ka Paris USA. Throughout the month of November, the sister-owned heritage skincare brand is donating a portion of proceeds to Into the Mouth of Babes, The Filling Station, and Raphael’s Life House. Donations will be used to purchase food for hungry children and support women and their babies who are overcoming homelessness.

As a company, Yon-Ka Paris knows their impact is limited. When we all come together as a community, however, it’s possible to drive change that powers meaningful action and makes a difference in the lives of people in need.

Yon-Ka Paris

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