Treatment Spotlight: Essential White

Do you have dark spots or areas of uneven skin tone? Has your skin lost its youthful radiance? Are you looking for a simple, effective way to brighten your skin and improve your overall complexion?

If so, you’re not alone – women of all ages and ethnicities are looking for effective skincare solutions to address hyperpigmentation and other complexion issues. Dark spots and sun spots are a common problem for aging women. They are most frequently caused by everything from damaging skin conditions like acne to UV radiation and pollution.

Fortunately, these problems are treatable with skin brightening treatments such as Yon-Ka’s Essential White Professional Treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Brightening Treatments?

Whether you’re looking to reduce the appearance of acne scars, lighten age spots and sun spots, or simply improve your complexion, Yon-Ka’s Essential White Professional Treatment can make your skin dreams come true. This treatment relies on active ingredients like vitamin C, red and brown algae, and beech bud peptides to control the pigmentation process and restore skin’s vitality.

Here’s how these amazing ingredients work:

  • Chrono Stable Vitamin C works to repair the effects of oxidation by controlling the primary actions of the pigmentation process.
  • Red Algae corrects existing discolorations and prevents future dark spots by inhibiting tyrosinase enzyme activity, degrading melanosome development, and limiting melanin production.
  • Brown Algae lightens the appearance of brown spots by blocking tyrosinase enzyme production to degrade the pigmentation process.
  • Beech Bud Peptides energize the skin’s metabolism and boost oxygenation to brighten and unify skin’s complexion.

In addition to providing these benefits, Yon-Ka’s Essential White Professional Treatment can also moisturize the skin and deliver anti-aging antioxidants to keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Brighten Skin with Essential White Professional Treatment

At-home skin treatments can provide hydration and anti-aging benefits, but if you’re looking to brighten and unify your complexion while fighting dark spots, you should consider a professional brightening treatment like Essential White for optimal results.

The Essential White Professional Treatment is designed to produce an overall brightening effect or dark spot correction for the face and hands. It also includes a soothing face and neck mask. This treatment includes the following products:

  • Essential White Crème Lumiere, a daily brightening and unifying moisturizer that features vitamin C, beech bud peptides, and apple extracts that attacks the problem at the source.
  • Essential White Correcteur Cible, a targeted dark spot corrector made with vitamin C and red algae to disrupt the melanogenesis process to reduce the size and number of dark spots.
  • Essential White Peeling Lumiere, a professional-only exfoliating peel made with 30% AHA and BHA to deeply exfoliate and unify the complexion.

Available in both 30- and 60-minute treatments with an LED device option, Essential White Professional Treatment offers deep exfoliation to remove the upper layer of damaged skin to naturally brighten complexion. Powerful ingredients like vitamin C and beech bud peptides penetrate deep into the cell to reverse oxidation, energize skin metabolism, and visibly lighten dark spots.

For the best results, begin with a 60-minute Essential White Facial Treatment followed by three 30-minute treatments at weekly intervals.

Tips for Maintaining Your Results

To keep your skin looking youthful and bright, it is best to have weekly treatments for the first four weeks then to follow your dermatologist’s advice.

In addition to routine skin brightening treatments, you need Yon-Ka’s Essential White at home treatments. Home care helps to improve and maintain results. Just as important, however, you need to protect your skin from damage. Always be conscious of putting on SPF every day (regardless of the season) and avoid intense UV exposure as much as possible.

You may not be able to stop the clock on aging, but with Yon-Ka’s Essential White Professional Treatment you can keep your skin looking bright, youthful, and fresh for years to come!

Yon-Ka Paris

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  1. I have purchased Solution Clarte, Correcteur Cible and Creme Lumiere. Which product goes on first, second and last? When do I put on moisurizer?

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