5 Best Yon-Ka Products for Skin Prone to Redness

Skin can appear red for a variety of reasons. From more temporary issues like product sensitivity and sun exposure to chronic conditions like dry skin and rosacea. Those with very fair or sensitive skin may even experience flushing from everyday activities like exercise, or environmental factors like warm weather.

If you are battling redness for any reason, there is more that you can do than cover up with green concealer and heavy foundation. Here are five products available from Yon-Ka that can help alleviate your redness.

1. Eau Micellaire (cleanser)

Harsh ingredients and over cleansing can exacerbate sensitivity so if you’re experiencing redness, try washing your face with a cleansing “micellaire” water like Yon-Ka’s Eau Micellaire. This cleanser requires no rinsing so not only is it a gentle face wash, it’s perfect for after the gym or on-the-go. This formula is also infused with sea lavender extracts and rose and chamomile essential oils to soothe skin and fight free radicals while gently cleansing.

2. Nettoyant Creme (cleanser)

Another gentle option for skin prone to redness is Nettoyant Creme. This creamy face wash cleanses and removes makeup while also comforting the skin. The formula was specifically created for sensitive, reactive, dry and damaged skin types so you can feel confident that your skin is safe when applying this cleanser. After washing, your skin will feel refreshed and energized, in part due to peppermint, which provides natural relief and cooling to stressed skin.

3. Lotion PS (toning spray)

Many toners are alcohol based and can be incredibly drying and irritating to skin. Yon-Ka’s Lotion PS is alcohol free and loaded with essential oils that both soothe and tone the complexion, making this mist ideal for skin prone to redness. Lotion PS can be sprayed onto the face after cleansing to refresh and invigorate, and help prepare the skin for any serums, creams or treatments.

4. Sensitive Anti-Redness Crème (day/night treatment moisturizer)

This soothing cream can be applied in the morning or evening and provides both immediate and long-term redness correction. After applying, you will instantly notice an improvement in your skin’s tone thanks to this formula’s natural green pigments that hide visible redness. The powerful plant botanicals in this redness correcting cream also reduce the appearance of capillaries and decrease the skin’s redness over time. Use this am/pm cream for its anti-redness benefits as well as for soothing, hydrating and repairing the skin.

5. Sensitive Masque (special treatment, 2-3x per week)

Indulge your skin by applying this soothing mask to skin a few times each week. Yon-Ka’s Sensitive Masque works to alleviate inflammation and minimize redness with a blend of botanicals and essential oils. This treatment can be left on for 20 to 60 minutes and requires no rinsing. Simply blot away excess product with a tissue. Immediately after use, your sensitive and red skin will feel comforted and soothed and look even and calm thanks to key ingredients like arnica and chamomile.

With these five products, you have everything you need to clean, tone, hydrate and treat your redness prone skin.

Yon-Ka Paris

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