3 Skin-Saving Benefits of Vitamin E

Looking to achieve healthier, more radiant skin? Vitamin E may be the answer. This nutrient has a multitude of skin-saving properties.

Let’s explore why vitamin E is one of the most favorable skincare ingredients you can use and the Yon-Ka Paris products you can find it in…

1. Vitamin E is Great for Moisturizing the Skin

Skin feeling a little dry? Vitamin E can help. When applied topically, it’s a fantastic moisturizer and can provide soothing relief for both dry and irritated skin. In fact, it can provide you with hours of hydration, so you won’t feel like you have to keep reapplying over the day.

You can use vitamin E in products that are either a cream or oil form, depending on your preference. Both are effective options. You can apply vitamin E-enriched products to your face, as well as any other dry areas like your hands, elbows, or knees.

2. Its Antioxidant Properties Can Prevent Free Radical Damage

Another great skin-saving benefit of vitamin E is that it’s a powerful antioxidant. What’s so beneficial about antioxidants is that they are effective at preventing free radical damage. Every day, we encounter free radicals in the environment, which can speed up the signs of aging by breaking down collagen and elastin. It works by neutralizing the harmful free radicals that encounter your skin.

3. It May be Beneficial in Reducing UV Damage

We’re all a little guilty of occasionally spending a little too much time in the sun, which can lead to some serious skin issues. The suns harmful rays can cause dark spots and increase the signs of aging in our skin. UV light and sun exposure reduce the vitamin E levels in our skin. In fact, it doesn’t even take that much sun exposure for these levels to drop. What’s more is our vitamin E levels decrease as we age. In order to restore our supply of vitamin E, we need to find ways to get it back into our bodies. This can be done by adding vitamin E-enriched skincare products into your skincare routine and upping your intake of foods with vitamin E (such as nuts and leafy green vegetables).

Yon-Ka Products With Vitamin E That You Can Try

If you’re ready to start incorporating vitamin E into your skincare routine, here’s a list of a few Yon-Ka products that contain it. Ask your Yon-Ka trained esthetician to recommend vitamin E products into your customized skincare routine.

  • Nutri-Contour: This nourishing, repairing contour cream is perfect for under the eyes to minimize the appearance of aging signs. It’s great for chapped lips as well!
  • Vital Defense: This antioxidant anti-pollution day cream will protect your skin from aging, environmental pollution, and free radical damage.
  • Elixir Vital: This corrective elixir revitalizes skin and diminishes wrinkles and fine lines. It can help heal skin damage caused by fatigue, stress, pregnancy, hormonal changes, scars, and sun exposure.
  • Lait Apres-Soleil: This after-sun milk is designed to soothe and repair the skin. It absorbs quickly and provides a cooling sensation that’ll be greatly appreciated after sun exposure.
  • Men Age-Defense: For men who are looking for anti-aging skincare, this cream will help hydrate the skin and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
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