Traveling Essentials: 5 Tips for Keeping Skin in Check While Traveling

Travel never fails to wreak havoc on my sensitive skin. The slightest change in routine (sometimes even just the change in water!) can really read across my face.

While I like to travel as light as the next gal, I absolutely cannot sacrifice my skincare. Here are a few tips for traveling with your favorite essentials…

1. Stick to your routine.

Test Products

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to opt for alternate products that come in travel size, especially if your skin is sensitive to change. Instead of being tempted by various tiny tubes and bottles from other brands, purchase small containers to store your tried and true products on the go. I find that this saves me time and money, plus my skin stays happy.

2. Stay hydrated.

Drink Water For Better Skin

While I tend to do ok drinking my daily allotment of H2O when I’m at home in my regular routine, changing things up is all it takes for me to completely derail and dehydrate. I like to pack an empty water bottle to fill up past airport security and bring with me while sightseeing or sitting through meetings. This prevents the slightest dehydration from showing in my skin, making me look tired and puffy.

3. Rest well.

Sleep and Wake Up at Same Time

Try to get some R&R while in transit. I like to wear a cozy wrap sweater and pack a neck pillow or an oversized scarf to help me catch some shuteye on the plane. Then, once I have landed, a lavender pillow spray and my favorite sound machine app help me to sleep soundly on those nights away from home.

4. De-puff.


I tend to retain fluid during flight and almost always arrive at my destination a bit on the swollen side. I have found that the right eye cream can alleviate facial swelling, while wearing a tall fitted sock and taking short walks in the aisle hourly help to keep my feet and ankles to a normal size.

Phyto Contour from Yon-Ka Paris is the perfect antidote to eye puffiness and fatigue exacerbated by flying. Gently tap in a small amount of the rosemary rich, light-weight balm and your well on your way to pre-flight beauty.

5. Keep skin balanced.


If you can, fly makeup-free and if you experience in-flight dryness, apply a hydrating mask or an extra layer of cream before takeoff. If you’re the opposite and tend to get oily while in the air, you can use blotting sheets to maintain control. Once landed, a gentle scrub will help to remove dry surface skin and prevent pores from clogging.

Guarana Scrub contains micro beads of different sizes including caffeine rich guarana and organic brown rice. This gentle scrub detoxicates and energizes the skin so you look alive and your skin glows.

It may seem like a lot of work to keep your skin in check while you travel, but I find that it’s worth it to prevent any problems. How do you care for your skin while you’re away from home? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks!

Yon-Ka Paris

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