Skincare Tips Estheticians Give To Their Friends and Families

Depending on whom you ask, having a licensed esthetician as a close friend or family member can be a blessing OR a curse.  We are full of skin care information, tips, techniques, etc. and are happy to share our knowledge with those we love…whether they solicit the information or not!  Here are some of my favorite introductory skincare tips for everyone.  Think of this as a practical do’s and don’ts list.


You Need a Daily Regimen

Generally speaking, people don’t want to hear that skincare takes actual effort.  Skin is the body’s largest organ, and you have to take care of it.  This is not negotiable.  It’s important to have a daily regimen and stick to it, otherwise it won’t be effective.  Efforts = results.  Think of eating healthy and going to the gym – this helps keep your body healthy, but it needs to be done consistently.  It’s the same concept for your skin.

Anyone new to skincare should start with a manageable home regimen to make it easy to incorporate.  For example: cleanse, tone, and moisturize twice a day (am/pm).  Use SPF overtop for daytime.  We can talk about the joy of using exfoliants, masks, serums, boosters, eye contours, targeted products, etc. once you have a basic regimen down.  Start taking care of your skin now.

Be Sun Smart

Here is another mantra that no one likes.  Do NOT sunbathe!  Both tanning and burning damage the skin, cause premature aging, and can cause skin cancer.  Wear your SPF every day, no matter the weather, and reapply every two hours.  If you will be doing outdoor activities please wear protective clothing, seek shade, and of course keep up with reapplying SPF.  And do not even think about going to indoor tan.  See more of my thoughts on that below.  If being pale makes you feel like an extra from “Twilight”, use a sunless tanning product or bronzer for a faux glow.

When Help is Needed, Go to a Skin Pro

I.e. see an esthetician!  We go to school for a reason and are skincare experts.  From facial treatments to home care programs, to skin analysis and advise, we’re here to help you have the healthiest skin possible.  A lot of common skin concerns can be solved by doing the right things and using the right products.  And we’ll help you age more gracefully!  Find a local esthetician to help you with your skin.


No Picking

Repeat after me, picking is bad.  Please don’t try to self-extract your skin or pick at anything that is inflamed and/or healing.  You’ll only make things worse and there is the potential to scar.  Getting regular deep cleansing facials helps keep your skin purified and your pores clean.  In conjunction with the right products, this can help keep your skin clear and minimize future breakouts.  No picking!

Tanning Beds Are Evil

Do not use tanning beds EVER.  Let me paraphrase a favorite quote I once heard, “tanning beds look like a coffin for a reason.”  The use of tanning beds damages the skin, accelerates aging, and greatly increases the risk of skin cancer, especially melanoma.  Many health organizations including the FDA, the NCI (National Cancer Institute) and the American Academy of Dermatology recommend completely avoiding tanning beds. The World Health Organization deems tanning beds as carcinogenic to humans.  Don’t forget the coffin analogy – tanning beds are evil.

Bacteria is Every Where

Think about everything you touch on a daily basis.  Think about everything that you touch that other people touch.  Now think of everything that touches your face every day, including your own hands.  That’s gross, right?!  Though we like our helpful bacteria like probiotics, it’s important to keep the skin’s microbiome balanced, and minimize exposure to any harmful bacteria.  Remember to properly cleanse the skin twice a day to keep it purified.  No over-cleansing or over-exfoliating.  Try not to touch your face or sanitize your hands before doing so.  Other favorite tips include, wiping down your phones regularly (cell and land lines), change your pillow cases often, and also wash and disinfect your makeup brushes frequently.  This will help minimize breakouts and keep infections at bay.

Listen to this advice and you’ll be on the right track to beautiful skin.   Bon chance!

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