What You Should Know About Skin Inflammation

Wondering where that new rash came from? Suddenly noticing that your skin is feeling hot, red, and itchy? Feeling like you just want to hide under the covers, hoping your skin problems go away on their own?

You’re most likely dealing with inflamed skin. To help you soothe your unhappy skin, we’re here to help you learn what inflammation is, what causes it, and how you can calm the skin and prevent future inflammation.

Let’s get started!

What is Inflammation?

Essentially, inflammation is irritated skin. It is the body’s defense mechanism to heal itself, especially in response to an injury, illness, pathogens, etc. Symptoms such as itchiness, a burning sensation, or redness can be signs that your skin is inflamed. When the inflammation first occurs, it could appear like a typical rash or pimple, giving your skin a pink or red appearance. However, it can also cause discoloration, leaving behind a light or dark brown patch in its later stages.

There are also two different types of inflammation. The problem can be acute, which would mean your inflammation can last for six weeks or less. Acute inflammation is typically the result of an allergic reaction (perhaps to an inappropriate skincare product), acne, or even sunburn. There’s also chronic inflammation, where your skin problems linger around for longer than six weeks and are sometimes indefinite. Oftentimes, chronic inflammation is linked to greater issues like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis.

So, What Causes Inflammation?

Inflammation can be triggered by both internal and external causes. When treating it, you really want to figure out what the underlying problem is so you can address it at the root cause and prevent it from coming back again.

In terms of internal factors that cause inflammation, it could be the result of your diet or hormone levels. Unfortunately, our skin is greatly impacted by the foods we consume, so you’ll want to take a close look at what you’ve been eating to see if you can narrow down what may have triggered the inflammation. You can also see your doctor about checking for hormone imbalances if you suspect that may be the cause. Your genetics can make you more susceptible to inflammation, as well as certain illnesses and stress.

External triggers can be things like the daily weather, environment/pollution, seasonal changes, or your skincare regimen. These factors can cause eczema flare-ups or worse. Be mindful of the skincare products you’re using so you can be sure to soothe the skin, instead of further angering it by doing too much or using the wrong products. For example, over exfoliating can cause irritation.

How to Prevent Skin Inflammation

If you’re dealing with inflamed skin, there’s no need to panic or hide under the covers. There are a variety of ways you can treat it, whether you visit a dermatologist or get it under control on your own with the help of the right skincare products. For those who have severe inflammation that’s been going on for a while, you’ll want to seek out a dermatologist for treatment. You may be prescribed a topical cream or an oral medication to help manage the persistent problem. Your dermatologist may even suggest light therapy to calm your skin.

For milder cases of inflammation, you can see results with products at home. Our Sensitive Creme is perfect for calming irritated skin immediately. This comforting cream contains shea butter, which has nourishing and reparative properties. It also contains Yon-Ka’s Sensibiotic Complex of pre and pro-biotics and sea mayweed, that combat inflammation to soothe the skin.

The Sensitive Creme can be used both morning and night on a daily basis. For a more occasional treatment that also works immediately, you can try our Sensitive Masque. It’s designed to be used one to three times per week. Arnica, and chamomile, and other calming botanicals help soothe sensitive skin, and help alleviate inflammation. With regular application, you’ll see a reduction in heat and redness so your skin looks and feels calm once again.

If you find that your skin is overly red, try our Sensitive Creme Anti-Red solution. This corrective crème is made to immediately balance red skin with potent plant botanicals of centella asiatica and Marvel of Peru to reduce the vasodilation of capillaries and decrease the skin’s redness. Not only that, it also contains natural green pigments that instantly hide visible redness through corrective color.

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