Sensitive Skin Care Tips

Whether you were born with sensitive skin or your skin has become sensitive over time due to extraneous causes, sensitive skin can be an uncomfortable nuisance.

Sensitive skin can come in many forms, such as very dry skin, a tendency to blush easily, skin bumps or erosions. However, to be sure that you have sensitive skin and not something else, have your dermatologist check.

There are many causes of sensitive skin, such as skin disorders like eczema or rosacea, injured skin that doesn’t function properly to protect nerve endings and skin that has been exposed to extreme weather conditions. Thankfully there are ways to prevent and even treat sensitive skin…

1. Test skin care products before buying them

Test Products

Most skin care retailers, estheticians, and dermatologists have testing samples out for consumers to try before purchasing. If your skin is sensitive these testing samples will prove vital to you. We suggest you test all skin care products on a small patch of your skin before you purchase to see if the product will work well with your skin type. If your skin becomes red, itchy or irritated during testing, you know to avoid that product.

2. Don’t over wash your skin

Wash Face

It may be tempting to wash your face as frequently as 3 or 4 times a day in an attempt to clear away bacteria on the surface of your skin, however too frequent washing is harsh and can make your sensitive skin condition even worse.

3. Choose the right makeup


We suggest that you avoid anything labeled as water-proof as it will require extensive cleansing to remove which could trigger your sensitive skin. Also, be sure to throw away old makeup as it expires. It can quickly become a hot-spot for bacteria to grow.

4. Protect or skin from the sun

Wear SPF

Having sensitive skin means you are even more susceptible to the sun’s harmful UV rays. We suggest choosing a high SPF sunscreen that is designed specifically for face application. Also, large sunhats are always fun and trendy and will help keep your face and shoulders out of the sun.

5. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize


If your sensitive skin causes dry, itchy skin, choosing a moisturizer that contains natural ingredients and is preservative free is the best thing you can do. The right moisturizer can not only hydrate your skin but act as a protective barrier against any debris or harsh weather.

By choosing the right products with the right natural ingredients, protecting your skin from the harmful sun’s rays and not washing your skin too frequently you can help treat sensitive skin.

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