Preventative Skin Care: What It Is and Why You May Want to Start It Sooner Rather Than Later

It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin. In fact, the sooner you start the better off you’ll be down the line.

It’s much easier to prevent skin issues like sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles than it is to correct them. There’s no way to truly stop the clock on aging but putting a little effort into protecting your skin can slow it down dramatically.

Collagen and elastin production naturally declines with age, so your skin will eventually lose some of its firmness and you may notice changes in the tone and texture of your skin as well. If you don’t take care of your skin now, the visible signs of aging will become more noticeable earlier and, once they develop, you’ll have a hard time going back. The same is true for hyperpigmentation – sun damage is easy to acquire and difficult to resolve.

Daily skincare is absolutely essential for healthy skin, but you don’t have to follow some intensely complicated routine to prevent aged skin in the future. A few simple steps can help you counter both current skin issues and protect your skin for the future.

What Does Preventive Skincare Look Like?

Even if your skin looks perfectly fine today, there’s no guarantee that it will look that way tomorrow. While skin concerns like fine lines and sun damage don’t develop overnight, keeping your skin healthy requires ongoing effort. But what does preventive skincare really look like?

Here are a few steps to include in a preventive skincare routine:

  1. Cleanse twice a day. Washing your face with a cleanser isn’t just about removing makeup – it’s about keeping your pores from clogging and clearing the way for protective skincare products to absorb into the skin.
  2. Exfoliate regularly. Your skin cells are constantly regenerating which leaves dead cells to accumulate on the surface of the skin. Using an exfoliator to slough away these dead cells helps with discoloration and sun damage. It also helps brighten the skin and allows other skincare products to penetrate more deeply. It’s helpful to exfoliate 2-3 times a week depending on your skin type and skin condition.
  3. Moisturize with hyaluronic acid. Moisturization is essential in any skincare routine, but if you’re trying to protect your skin for the long term, be sure to include products with hyaluronic acid to lock moisture into the skin. Use a moisturizer in the morning and in the evening.
  4. Include vitamins A and C. Both vitamin A and vitamin C are important anti-oxidants to include in a preventive skincare routine. These ingredients help brighten the complexion, protect against free radical damage, and boost collagen formation.
  5. Use eye cream daily. The eyes are one of the first places that start to show your age, so a little bit of eye cream goes a long way.
  6. Don’t forget about acne. When it comes to preventive skincare, the focus often falls on anti-aging, but acne is another issue to keep in mind. Regular exfoliation helps keep the pores clear but if you have blemish-prone skin, you should also use an effective spot treatment when needed.
  7. Always wear sunscreen. The sun poses one of the most significant risks to your skin’s health and appearance. Always wear at least SPF 30 daily to protect against damage caused by the sun’s UV rays.

In addition to following this anti-aging, preventative skincare routine it’s wise to clean up your lifestyle habits where necessary. Smoking, significant alcohol consumption, and an unhealthy diet have been proven to age your skin faster and even professional-strength skincare products might not be able to mitigate all of the damage over time.

Start Your Preventative Skincare Routine with Yon-Ka

A great cleanser is the foundation for any strong skincare routine but once you’ve removed makeup, surface oil, and impurities from the skin it’s time to layer on the protection.

The right moisturizer hydrates the skin and locks in moisture while bolstering the strength of the skin’s natural protective barrier. Masks are a more intensive treatment than everyday moisturizers, and they can be infused with powerhouse ingredients like vitamin C for extra anti-aging benefits. Serums and facial oils are a simple way to upgrade your daily routine to target specific skin concerns.

When it comes to protecting your skin and preventing premature aging, Yon-Ka Paris has a wide variety of products to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites…

  • Vital Defense – Protect your skin against skin-aging aggressors with this antioxidant and anti-pollution day cream. Infused with myrtle extract to reinforce the skin’s defenses, this protective moisturizer boosts antioxidant recovery to restore youthful radiance.
  • Nutri Defense – Repair and nourish your skin with this rich cream moisturizer. Packed with essential fatty acids, this formula is ideal for dry, irritated, and sensitive skin. Prebiotics and probiotics helps repair the skin’s microbiome for long-lasting health and protection.
  • Defense+ Booster – Add a pump to your favorite moisturizer and this antioxidant booster oil will help bolster your skin’s defenses against environmental damage and skin-aging free radicals.
  • Hydra No. 1 Masque – Deep hydration is your skin’s best defense against dehydration, the skin lacking water. This intensely moisturizing overnight mask is enriched with hydrating ingredients like aloe vera, imperata cylindrica, and vegetal glycerin, plus repairing jojoba oil to restore the skin’s suppleness and protect against dryness and dehydration.
  • SPF 50 – Sun protection should be part of your daily skincare routine – no exceptions. This high protection sunscreen cream offers SPF 50 protection in a quick absorbing, non-comedogenic formula.

At-home skincare is a must if you want to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful for as long as possible but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Spa facials can help you target concerns like fine lines or sun damage and professional-strength products can give your skin a healthy boost that you can maintain at home with your regular routine.

To schedule a professional facial, find a Yon-Ka Paris partner spa near you. Not only will you enjoy targeted treatments, but your esthetician can help you modify your skincare routine to make sure you’re protecting your skin to the fullest.

Yon-Ka Paris

The promise of infinite rejuvenation | Celebrating its 65th anniversary, Yon-Ka Paris offers French-made, luxurious, plant cell active-based skincare regimens. Quintessence, Yon-Ka’s essential oil Complex, delivers the very unique olfactive and therapeutic experience that discerning consumers and passionate professionals have been raving about since 1954. Thanks to its research and expertise in phyto-aromatic therapy, Yon-Ka Paris develops sensorial skincare products and protocols with scientifically proven efficacy. Today, Yon-Ka Paris collaborates with licensed Beauty and Wellness professionals in 5000+ locations Worldwide to deliver the perfect alchemy of age-defying results and pure wellness.

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