5 Ingredients to Look for in Anti-Aging Cream

Few things are more coveted than youth and beauty. Though you may not be able to rewind the clock, you can be proactive about protecting your skin against the ravages of time. With a daily skincare routine and the right ingredients, you can keep your skin looking youthful for years to come.

The Importance of Sun Protection

Before launching into a list of anti-aging ingredients, let’s address the most powerful skin protector of all: sunscreen. The importance of daily sun care is greatly underestimated, but a good sunscreen can do more to protect your skin than a dozen boutique beauty products combined.

Few things age your skin more quickly than sun exposure. While you definitely need your daily dose of vitamin D, it’s important to protect your skin against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Both UVA and UVB rays can dry out and damage your skin, making it more prone to the visible effects of aging. Ultraviolet rays break down the collagen and elastin that keeps your skin supple, leaving you at-risk for fine lines, sagging skin, and sunspots.

Wearing sunscreen is a simple step you can take each and every day to protect your skin’s youthful appearance. Dermatologists recommend at least SPF 30 applied daily, even in cold and cloudy weather. For extra protection, try Yon-Ka’s Sunscreen Cream SPF 50.

The Top 5 Anti-Aging Ingredients


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It’s never too early to start taking better care of your skin. Even something as simple as daily cleansing and moisturizing can make a radical difference in your skin’s quality and texture. That being said, mature skin sometimes needs a little extra help to fight back against the visible signs of aging – that’s where anti-aging skincare ingredients come into play.

Here are 5 ingredients to look for in anti-aging cream:

  1. Hyaluronic Acid – A powerhouse for hydration, hyaluronic acid is one of the most common humectants used in skincare products. With its ability to draw moisture into the skin, hyaluronic acid helps keep the skin hydrated. Look for this ingredient in Yon-Ka’s Hydra No. 1 Crème and Serum along with Excellence Code Masque and Contours.
  2. Peptides – Amino acids that occur naturally in the skin, peptides help stimulate collagen production to improve the firmness and brightness of your skin. Peptides can also have great restructuring and repairing properties. Find this ingredient in Yon-Ka Paris’ Elixir Vital which contains peptides from soy and beech buds.
  3. Ceramides – This ingredient, a type of lipid found naturally in the skin, helps rebuild and protect the skin’s moisture barrier. Ceramides improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture and keep irritants out. Natural plant oils are a rich source of ceramides.
  4. Lipoamino Acid – Amino acids like this help maintain the skin’s texture and resilience while supporting hydration. Lipoamino acid is a biotech ingredient found in Yon-Ka’s Cellular Code Serum as well as Time Resist Jour and Nuit.
  5. Vitamin C – A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C helps protect against free-radical damage and helps fade sunspots and hyperpigmentation. This ingredient also helps stimulate collagen production to support your skin’s youthful bounce-back quality.

For more products to protect your skin against aging, check out the Advanced Optimizer line from Yon-Ka Paris. Shop the collection of firming creams, serums, and gels formulated especially to help firm and tone your skin while protecting your natural beauty and radiant complexion. Note to Dan:  there are only 3 products in the Adv. Optimizer collection – the serum, cream, and Gel Lift.

Skincare Tips to Prevent Aging

Nothing you do can stop the flow of time or keep your body from aging, but that doesn’t mean you have to look your age. With the right ingredients and a few simple skincare habits, you can slow the rate at which your skin ages, maintaining your youthful radiance for many years to come.

Here are some simple anti-aging skincare tips:

  • Always wear sunscreen. Put on a layer of sunscreen before you leave home for the day. It’s important to wear SPF daily.
  • Switch to a gentler face wash. Mature skin tends to be less oily and more sensitive, so if you’re still using a harsh scrub or cleanser, switch to a cleansing cream or foaming cleanser.
  • Double down on hydration. Hydration is the key to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, so considering adding an extra moisturizer to your routine.
  • Feed your skin well. Choose foods that nourish the skin with essential nutrients and support circulation. Opt for lean proteins, fresh fruits and veggies, and whole grains.
  • Exfoliate once a week. Weekly exfoliation helps to keep your skin tone even and your skin texture smooth by removing dead cells from the surface of your skin.

Visit your local Yon-Ka partner spa to speak with a skincare professional about the best anti-aging skincare routine for your skin. Yon-Ka’s phyto-active skincare products are formulated to deliver scientifically proven benefits and a unique therapeutic experience. Shop online and receive free samples or trial size versions of your favorite products with qualifying purchases.

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