How to Repair Skin After a Long Sun-Filled Summer

As your summer tan starts to fade, you may notice the skin that’s left behind no longer looks as good as it once did. A long summer filled with sun, sand, and saltwater can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving it looking dull, rough, and pigmented. The good news is, with a little time and the right skincare products you can have your skin healthy and glowing once more.

The first step in restoring your skin’s health and natural glow is removing the top layer of damaged skin. A good professional peel can get you started, but you’ll also want to include a gentle exfoliant in your weekly skincare routine. From there, it’s essential that you rebuild the skin’s natural moisture barrier so you can pump your skin full of hydration to move the repair process along.

Here’s what you need to know about how summer weather affects your skin and what you can do to repair it.

Signs of Summer Skin Damage

Nothing says summer like a bright yellow sun beating down through a clear blue sky. Unfortunately, the same sun that makes your favorite summer activities so enjoyable also puts you at risk for skin damage. The intensity of the sun’s UV radiation is much higher during the summer months which increases your risk for sunburn, hyperpigmentation, and free radical damage.

Here are some of the top signs of summer skin damage:

  • Dry, scaly patches of skin
  • Rough skin or uneven skin texture
  • Sunspots or hyperpigmentation
  • Increased acne breakouts
  • Sensitivity or inflammation and redness
  • Blistering red rash (photodermatitis)

While summer skin damage might have your skin looking a little rough, the good news is that much of the damage can be repaired. The skin has an amazing ability to renew itself and there are a few simple things you can do to help the process along. Keep reading to learn the basics about repairing your skin after a long, sun-filled summer.

Reparative Skincare Guide

It’s always a good idea to update your skincare routine with the changing seasons, but each season brings its own unique skin concerns. Sun protection is paramount during the summer but as the weather starts to cool and the humidity begins to dissipate, hydration becomes a bigger concern.

Before you can hope to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, you have to rebuild your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Plant oils like jojoba, almond, and sunflower oil can bolster this natural barrier, as can ceramides, vegetal glycerin, and hyaluronic acid. Start by gently exfoliating 2 to 3 times per week to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin so moisture can penetrate into the deeper layers.

We recommend the following Yon-Ka Paris products for skin repair:

  • Gommage Yon-Ka – This gentle gel exfoliant is the perfect addition to your reparative skincare routine. Comprised of 94% ingredients of natural origins, this treatment exfoliates, clarifies, hydrates, and balances the skin. A unique cocktail of botanical ingredients enhanced with carob and brown seaweed extracts hydrates the skin and tightens pores to give the skin a healthy glow.
  • Elixir Vital – Newly reformulated, this reparative dual-phase serum features cold-pressed oils to replenish and nourish the skin. Organic sunflower, organic soybean, and non-GMO corn oils repair and soothe dry, damaged skin while soy peptides and mineral salts help hydrate and remineralize the skin. Apply morning and/or evening after cleansing and applying Lotion Yon-Ka.
  • Hydra No. 1 Masque – For intense hydration, try this repairing overnight mask featuring Imperata cylindrica extract, vegetal glycerin, jojoba oil, and aloe vera. This masque delivers long-lasting overnight hydration, helping seal moisture into the supper layers of the skin to prevent water loss. Its time-released effects maintain peak hydration levels for over 8 hours.
  • Nutri Defense Crème – Perfect for dry and dehydrated skin in need of repair, this nourishing moisturizer is infused with omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids for intense comfort and repair. Enriched with shea butter as well as grapeseed and avocado oils, this intensely hydrating cream boosts the skin’s natural defenses while rebuilding and maintain its protective moisture barrier.

When making changes to your skincare routine, it’s important to keep your skin type in mind. For help choosing reparative skincare products, consult the Yon-Ka Skincare Advisor or visit your local Yon-Ka Paris partner spa to speak to a professional esthetician and book your Fall facial treatment.

Yon-Ka Paris

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