The 7 Best Ways to Prevent Breakouts

I don’t have to tell you that breakouts are the worst, and if you are prone to them I know that it can seem like there is almost nothing that you can do to break the cycle.

While the tendency to break out may be hardwired into your DNA, there are many ways that you can lessen the frequency and ferocity in which you find pimples cropping up. Here are a few of my favorite ways to prevent breakouts…

1. Try not to touch your face.

Touch Face

This one might be the hardest, but I find that it has the quickest impact on clear skin. When I’m watching TV or on the computer, I try to keep my hands busy so that I don’t find myself picking away. Using an antibacterial hand soap to clean my hands before I wash my face also helps to keep things clear.

2. Be gentle.

Gentle Skin

Acne-prone skin is sensitive skin so harsh scrubs can make matters much worse. Opt for a chemical exfoliant to cleanse and open up your pores and remember to be very gentle when drying your face, too – pat, don’t rub.

3. Examine your makeup.

Check Makeup

I can tell very quickly when a new bottle of foundation is causing me to break out. For this reason, I make sure to shop places that allow me to bring home a tester before committing to a full product. Also, remember that oil-free options are best as oil can clog up your pores, leading to unwanted breakouts.

4. Change the sheets.

Sleeping Girl in Bed

Changing my pillowcase weekly has made a major impact on keeping my skin clear. It helps that my skin isn’t sitting on any residual oils or hair product that clog pores, leading to breakouts.

5. Check your detergent.


Chemicals can be very harsh on your skin and the detergent that’s used to wash your sheets and pillowcase where your face spends hours pressed against can lead to breakouts. If you find that your skin is sensitive to detergent, look for one that’s free of dyes and fragrance.

6. Clean your phone.

Clean Phone

You may not know it but your phone is covered in bacteria. Think about everywhere you have put it… When you put your phone up to your ear, you are automatically transferring all of those bacteria to your face. Be sure to regularly wipe your phone with a disinfectant to easily prevent this.

7. Wash dirty makeup brushes.

Clean Makeup Brush

Over time, as you use your makeup brushes, small amounts of bacteria and oil that are on your face build up inside of the brush. If left in an open, warm area, bacteria can bread on your makeup brush. Make sure that you wash your makeup brushes at least once every other week to ensure that they aren’t causing your breakouts.

What have you found to be the cause of your breakouts? Do you have any tips to minimize this frustrating skin affliction? Leave your comments below!

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