Health Benefits of Drinking Water

It’s impossible to deny that my entire body looks and feels better when I am especially good about getting my eight glasses of water each day.

That being said, I am notoriously terrible at keeping up with this beneficial beauty habit. While looking for a little inspiration on why I should keep chugging my H20, I uncovered several impressive reasons to stay hydrated.

Water Benefits

Energy Boost


Water actually fights fatigue and I have learned that when I hit the afternoon slump, it’s not a latte that I’m craving, but a little extra H20. It has taken some getting used to, but sipping on a glass of cool, water actually perks me up faster than caffeine.

Clear Skin

Healthy Skin

Drinking water flushes out toxins and eliminates the dirt that clogs pores, encouraging my skin to be fresh and clear. Change (at least for me) is almost immediate and I love knowing that I have a little control over my problem skin.

Headache Help

Headache Help

No one looks pretty when they’re fighting a headache. It’s the first sign of dehydration for me, and a warning that I need a big glass of water. It’s nice that my body gives me a sign to tell me it’s time to hydrate, but I make it my goal not to let it get this far.

Glow Getter

Glowing Skin

Water hydrates skin from the inside out. When I’m good about getting those eight glasses, I notice that my skin is more plump and youthful, making fine lines much less evident. I get a bit more of that dewy glow and things are happy and healthy.

Happy Hair & Nails

Hair and Nails

Water’s beauty benefits go beyond your skin to include hair and nails. Prone to brittle dryness, keeping up with your daily-recommended intake of water also ensures that your hair and nails grow healthy and strong. How’s that for extra credit?

Is water the best kept secret in beauty? Leave your answer below…


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