Dry Skin Care Tips

Fall is in the air and with the arrival of boots and sweaters also comes a change in my skin care routine.

The fact is that when summer’s humidity disappears my skin tends to get a little dry and I know I’m not alone. Here are a few things that I do in the colder months to keep my sensitive skin happy and hydrated…


Young Woman Washing Her Face

Using harsh scrubs can easily irritate dry skin. I look for lightweight treatments that contain natural fruit acids. If your skin is sensitive use these just once a day to renew and keep skin looking radiant.


Young Woman Washing Her Face

It goes without saying that dry skin requires extra moisture. To ensure that your favorite face cream provides maximum benefits never apply it to a dry face. Use a washcloth to dampen skin and lock in extra water.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Consider adding a hydrating facial mask or night cream to your routine. Your skin will feel plumper and less dry by morning! Using a humidifier can also help to keep your skin looking healthy during the colder, dryer months.

Turn Down The Heat

I love a hot shower as much as the next girl but all of that steam really isn’t good for dry skin. Hot showers strip your body of the natural oils that keep skin smooth and moist…so turn down the temps if you tend to get dry.

Lip Balm

The skin on your lips is far thinner than anywhere else on your body and it can be really hard to keep moisturized. Make sure to apply a thick balm before bed. This will help to keep lips hydrated longer throughout the day.

Do you suffer from dry skin when the weather cools down? I would love to hear your tips! Share them in the comments below…

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  1. We purchased a humidifier last winter after my doctor said the dry heat could be causing my nose bleeds. Sure enough that is what it was! Definitely a great investment not only for your skin.

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