6 of the Best Skincare Supplements

You eat right and your skincare routine is in check but sometimes your complexion doesn’t reflect how super diligent you are when it comes to self-care. (Or maybe “super diligent” is a stretch – no judgment.) Either way, whether your healthy lifestyle needs a little extra support or you need a low-maintenance solution for your breakouts, these skincare supplements will make up for whatever is missing.

Here are six of the best skincare supplements for clear, glowing skin.

1. Zinc

When our bodies produce too much DHT the result can show up on our skin. Think inflammation and clogged pores. Zinc decreases the production of DHT which in turn can help reduce breakouts. Unfortunately we don’t always eat enough seafood and spinach to get our daily dose of this mineral. If you’re regularly seeing hormonal breakouts around your chin, try adding a zinc supplement to the mix.

2. Milk Thistle

If you’ve been binging on fried food and sugary spiked drinks lately, your digestion and skin may be less than amazing. Treating yourself too much can also be rough on your liver so a detoxifying supplement like milk thistle might clear things up. Try taking this supplement and shying away from happy hour for a while. Those pesky pimples on your cheeks and jawline might suddenly disappear.

3. Maca

Add a serving of maca to your morning smoothie or pop a capsule of this hormone regulator if the week before your period is prime time for breakouts. Maca creates balance by acting as an adaptogen and helping your endocrine system adjust to PMS related stress and fatigue. It is also rich in iron and iodine, which helps your thyroid work properly. Aside from battling hormonal breakouts, maca can also give you that just-got-back-from-vacay glow. Nutrient dense, maca fights free radicals, reduces inflammation and boosts collagen.

4. Omega-3

So you forgot to add flax seed to your morning oatmeal. You can still get your daily dose of omega-3s in the form of a supplement. There are three types of this fatty acid – EPA, DHA and ALA. EPA and DHA can be found in fish oil supplements, and flax seed oil is a good source of AHA. Omega-3s keep skin hydrated and can also improve the skin barrier. They should be a supplement staple for all skin types, but those with acne can especially benefit.

5. Evening Primrose Oil

Another skin-loving oil that provides omega-6 and GLA fatty acids is evening primrose oil. Like the omega-3s, evening primrose protects the skin barrier and provides anti-inflammatory and healing properties. For those really red and really painful pimples, this supplement is everything. Soothing the sting, reducing the swelling and helping to heal, you’ll definitely want evening primrose oil in your skincare lineup.

6. Ashwagandha

If stress almost always leads to a pimple, you may want to add some herbs to your diet. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that can actually help our bodies manage stress much better. Known for its ability to regulate the adrenal system and also provide antioxidant benefits that reduce inflammation, this particular herb can help you blast those stress-related skincare problems. Depending on your preference, you can add the powder form to cereal or smoothies or opt for the capsules.

When trying any new skincare supplement remember to check with your medical provider first. Once you’re cleared, give your trial a good few months before you decide on a verdict. Since our skin renewal cycle is every 28 days, you’re not going to see results overnight. 

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