3 Steps to Up-Level Your Color Cosmetic Regime

Here’s the scoop… you have one gorgeous face, and frankly, you deserve to experience the best.

But you may be feeling less than inspired and maybe even a little depressed when it comes to your natural beauty, which is having a huge impact on how you treat yourself on a day-to-day basis. Well I’m here to tell you, it’s not you! But this less-than-inspiring reality can be stemming from the lack of attention you’ve put into your beauty regime.

This article is a permission slip to up-level your beauty regime — that means taking a serious inventory of your makeup products and where you keep them. Think of this as Feng Shui for your natural beauty. Like when you finally organize your room and feel at peace once again. This is a change to up-level your beauty regime so you give yourself the best of the best each day.

Upgrade Your Makeup Stash


Here’s the scoop — makeup often lasts a few months, but I know (from my own experience) I used to keep makeup for years before I allowed myself to actually buy fresh and natural makeup for myself. Purchasing new makeup is not only an investment in your self-worth, but also gives you a great feeling of being taken care of and not giving yourself the scraps. Also, why go for the $1 eyeliner that you don’t love? Treat yourself! Remember — you have one face.

Clean Your Brushes

Clean Makeup Brush

Cleaning your brushes is also an act of self-love. Think about all the bacteria that build up each time you use your brush. If you never clean them, you are bringing the past with you and putting it directly on your face! That means not only you are affected by it, but everyone you have a conversation with and kiss! Believe it or not, this can cause stuck energy that can affect your mood and your decisions each day!

Give Your Makeup Bag Some Lovin’

Upgrade Makeup

Where do you stash your makeup? Do you have a bag on-the-go or do you keep your makeup at home? My makeup bag used to be mixed with all the powders from my bronzers and smears from my makeup. Long story short, put your bag in the washer or rinse out whatever container you hold your makeup in. Cherish this space like you cherish yourself!

You deserve to clear out the old and bring in the new. I promise you will feel great and look great because above all you have chosen to give yourself the best!

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