Introducing Serum C20

Yon-Ka has poured all its phyto-aromatic expertise into creating a super-powerful oleo-serum that can be used in any season, is more effective and outperforms other Vitamin C serums while adding a sensory element that is non-existent in other formulas. It quickly and visibly corrects lack of radiance, wrinkles, and dark spots for younger, more luminous skin.

Formulated with a naturally derived ingredients.

Formulated with a naturally derived ingredients.

Formulated with a naturally derived ingredients.

“Amazing results. My skin is firmer, smoother and younger looking. There’s a nice glow to my skin that I absolutely love.”
-Linda, USA

Enhances Your Skincare Routine

Apply Yon-Ka Serum C20 alone or combined with your usual skin cream, daily or as an intensive course of treatment to increase skin radiance, fight the passage of time, and combat wrinkles and dark spots.

Take 6 to 8 drops.

Gently inhale.

Apply to face.

Measurable Results Seen In 5 Days Of Use

The face is immediately illuminated; the complexion looks fresher and glows with good health. As part of a daily beauty routine, Serum C20 helps correct wrinkles and fine lines, as well as dark spots. Skin is smoother, more beautiful, and more luminous. In tests, 9 out of 10 women noticed a radiance boost and healthy glow effect within 5 days of use. 100% of women who used the product wished to continue using it.

Noticeably Less Wrinkle Volume Within 28 Days

After 14 days wrinkle volume begins to reduce and skin shows visible signs of becoming smoother and younger. Within 28 days overall features are smoothed and skin appears noticeably younger and springier. Dark spots fade to become less intense. Tests show a 30% reduction in the depth of wrinkles, 18% increase in skin tonicity, and a 58% increase in skin tone evenness.

After 56 Days Dark Spots Fade & Skin Evens

Skin shows vast improvements within 56 days of Serum C20 use. Tests show a 44% reduction in the number of dark spots, upto 50% reduction in the coloration of dark spots, and 80% of women said that dark spots were less intense.

Serum C20’s stabilized vitamin C corrects all the drawbacks of synthetic vitamin C while optimizing its action. Made in France, this stabilized vitamin C is obtained from active vitamin C and isopalmitic acid (a fatty acid not derived from palm trees). Both of these substances are of biotechnological origin, in which non-GMO corn sugars undergo fermentation. As a result, absorption is optimized (epidermis + dermis), which gives it more extensive antioxidant action and allows it to increase collagen synthesis by a factor of 8.

Get Your Serum C20 Today!

With daily use, the result is visible anti-aging skincare benefits, such as the improved appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, firmness and a brighter complexion. SERUM C20 joins Yon-Ka Paris’ existing products featuring Vitamin C, including Pamplemousse PS and PNG, Elastine Nuit, Essential White Crème Lumiere, and others.

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