Product Spotlight: Gommage 303

Gel exfoliators do what scrubs and polishes cannot. They penetrate the skin’s surface to remove debris and impurities without the use of abrasive particles or granules. The gel is simply applied, absorbed and removed to reveal glowing, toned skin. For normal to oily skin types, we turn to the Gommage 303 gel exfoliator. This 4-in-1 facial peel exfoliates, clarifies, hydrates and balances the skin for the ultimate healthy glow. 

Gently Exfoliates to Reveal Your Skin’s Natural Radiance

Gommage 303 is enhanced by carob and brown seaweed extracts, which naturally exfoliate without friction. These gentle, skin polishing ingredients are paired with a citrus blend of orange, lemon and lime which acts as a toning astringent, tightening pores and firming skin.

This invigorating, botanical treatment is ideal for normal to oily skin types. Since clogged pores and dehydration can lead to more oil and blackheads, Gommage 303 actually combats the woes of oily skin by exfoliating gently and effectively.

Skin Feels Softer and Appears More Hydrated After Just One Use

By riding skin of impurities and removing surface debris, the complexion not only feels soft and smooth but appears hydrated and healthy. Gommage 303 allows your skin to breathe again, getting rid of what you don’t need and letting your natural beauty shine through.

These results are instant, and are noticed after just one application of Gommage 303. Your products will absorb faster and you will notice balance is restored to your skin. Exfoliated skin performs better, and those that exfoliate regularly see dehydration alleviated, oil production controlled, and an overall improvement in the appearance and feel of their skin.

Gommage 303 is an easy step to incorporate into your beauty routine and requires just a few minutes of your time each week.

Use Weekly to Maintain a Healthy Glow and Clear Complexion

Due to the gentle nature of Gommage 303, you can use this product up to three times a week to maintain healthy, glowing skin. In the evening after cleansing, apply a thick layer of the gel to your skin and allow it to penetrate for one to two minutes. Those experiencing dryness or dehydration may notice that the product quickly absorbs into the skin. In this case, apply a second layer to receive the full exfoliating effects. Afterwards, use your fingertips to gently remove the product and then wipe away any remaining particles with damp cotton balls enriched with several sprays of  Lotion Yon-Ka. Finally spritz a bit more directly to the skin and penetrate as the final step.

You may also use Gommage 303 as an intensive treatment when skin is in need of an extra boost. Apply every day for one week to deeply hydrate and exfoliate skin. This product also works wonders when you’re seeking that picture perfect skin for a special event. For a flawless complexion, prep skin by applying Gommage 303 before starting your makeup routine. You will notice your foundation goes on smoother and skin appears more radiant than ever.

Yon-Ka Paris

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