Product Spotlight: Defense+ Anti-Oxidant Booster

You don’t have to be obsessed with skincare to know “oil is the new black”. This protective, nourishing ingredient has gained itself a cult following and earned a spot on bathroom shelves around the world.

Which Booster should you be using for your skin?

While the benefits of applying oil to the skin are undeniable, finding the right oil for your specific skin needs may not be so obvious.

This is just one of the reasons why Yon-Ka’s Boosters are so brilliant. Each nutrient-packed formula is customized for specific skin conditions and works on all skin types. These Boosters do the guesswork for you by combining the best ingredients for your skin and formulating them so they can easily be added to your facial cream.

For today’s feature we are going to highlight the Defense+ Anti-Oxidant Booster, a facial oil which fights environmental aggressors and free radicals that weaken the skin and accelerate aging.

To know if this is the Booster for you, answer these questions:

  • Do you suffer from dull skin?
  • Are you experiencing visible signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles?
  • Do you spend a lot time of outdoors?
  • Is your skin exposed to pollutants or smoke?
  • Are you constantly stressed or sleep deprived?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, consider adding a few pumps of Defense+ to your moisturizer.

Defense+ is rich in antioxidants that protect the skin against external aggressors, known as free radicals, like UV rays, pollution, smoke and stress. Even if you eat right, exercise, and take care of your skin, free radicals can still cause damage and accelerate aging.

Made up of a blend of protective oils that help reconstruct the skin’s protective barrier and anti-oxidants that improve your skin’s resistance against those external aggressors, Defense+ leaves skin stronger, better protected and more radiant.

Let’s take a deeper look at what’s inside each bottle.

Oils: Yon-Ka’s Defense+ Anti-oxidant Booster has a delicious blend of natural, protecting oils including Camellia Oil and Sacha Inchi Oil. These oils have nourishing and protective properties which help fight elements that can dry or age our skin.

Anti-oxidants: Defense+ also has antioxidant rich oils like Pomegranate Seed Oil and Cistus Essential Oil that reduce free radical damage and the signs of aging. In addition to these powerful ingredients, you will also find pine bark polyphenols, which is a known antioxidant with age prevention benefits.

Quintessence Yon-Ka: Each of the above mentioned oils play a critical role in achieving resilient and better protected skin. Quintessence Yon-Ka is a blend of lavender, rosemary, geranium, thyme, and cypress essential oils that was formulated to benefit both your skin and mood. This aromatic addition to Defense+ provides a fragrant experience while also increasing the skin defending benefits.

Explore Yon-Ka’s entire Booster line.

Yon-Ka Paris

The promise of infinite rejuvenation | Celebrating its 65th anniversary, Yon-Ka Paris offers French-made, luxurious, plant cell active-based skincare regimens. Quintessence, Yon-Ka’s essential oil Complex, delivers the very unique olfactive and therapeutic experience that discerning consumers and passionate professionals have been raving about since 1954. Thanks to its research and expertise in phyto-aromatic therapy, Yon-Ka Paris develops sensorial skincare products and protocols with scientifically proven efficacy. Today, Yon-Ka Paris collaborates with licensed Beauty and Wellness professionals in 5000+ locations Worldwide to deliver the perfect alchemy of age-defying results and pure wellness.

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