Product Spotlight: Crème Teintee

Rocking that summer glow shouldn’t be reserved just for summer. With Yon-Ka’s Crème Teintee you can instantly achieve radiant, bronzed skin anytime of year — without the harmful side effects of tanning.

Crème Teintee is a lightweight, tinted moisturizer packed with antioxidant protection. Ideal to have on hand whenever you want to keep makeup to a minimum, or a great everyday choice for those on-the-go.

The easy-to-apply formula simplifies your morning beauty routine by replacing both your day cream and foundation. You can now moisturize, blend and bronze in one step with the one-shade-suits-all Crème Teintee in Natural Tan. 

Provides a Sun-Kissed Look for All Skin Types and Colors

There is no need to find your color match with the Crème Teintee, as its one shade is suitable for all skin colors. The sheer formula and natural pigments blend with your skin tone to create a healthy bronze. Your complexion will appear warmer, brighter and more even.

This easy, wearable tinted moisturizer also works with any skin type. It’s lightweight but super moisturizing, with beeswax, pumpkin seed and cereal germ oil. As part of Yon-Ka’s Age Defense range, it is also designed to protect skin from free radical damage and is fortified with vitamins C and E.

Nourishes and Protects with Natural Ingredients and a UVB Filter

Crème Teintee boasts 90% natural ingredients, including the vitalizing Yon-Ka, Quintessence, a blend of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme essential oils. Its hydrating properties come from plant sources and a dose of protective antioxidants and UVB filter fight against harmful environmental stressors.

While this bronzing cream provides skin with a protective shield against damage, it should not replace sunscreen. Whenever planning to spend time outdoors, apply sunscreen first and then follow with Crème Teintee for extra moisture and a touch of color.

Good Mornings with Crème Teintee

Sleep and Wake Up at Same Time

I’m not a morning person, so anything that gets me more time with my coffee and less time in front of the mirror is good by me. Crème Teintee is definitely a time saver as it eliminates the need to layer products.

After cleansing and spraying Lotion Yon-Ka onto skin, simply apply Crème Teintee as you would any other day cream. The application is seamless, so there is no need for brushes or sponges. You can apply the tinted moisturizer directly onto skin using just your hands.

After application, skin appears more even, as imperfections are blurred and skin is left bronzed and radiant. You can skip that extra layer of foundation, and won’t need the bronzer either. Just apply a pop of blush on the cheeks and a few strokes of mascara, and you’ve mastered the no-makeup makeup look in seconds.

Less steps in my makeup routine means more pep in my step as I walk out the door, and better mornings all around.

Yon-Ka Paris

The promise of infinite rejuvenation | Celebrating its 65th anniversary, Yon-Ka Paris offers French-made, luxurious, plant cell active-based skincare regimens. Quintessence, Yon-Ka’s essential oil Complex, delivers the very unique olfactive and therapeutic experience that discerning consumers and passionate professionals have been raving about since 1954. Thanks to its research and expertise in phyto-aromatic therapy, Yon-Ka Paris develops sensorial skincare products and protocols with scientifically proven efficacy. Today, Yon-Ka Paris collaborates with licensed Beauty and Wellness professionals in 5000+ locations Worldwide to deliver the perfect alchemy of age-defying results and pure wellness.


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