Product Spotlight: Crème PS

Do you suffer from dry skin all year long? Or do the symptoms just show up around the winter season? If you are experiencing tightness and irritation, Crème PS is the do-it-all day cream you should be reaching for when dry skin symptoms strike. With natural, nourishing ingredients, skin is hydrated, discomfort is alleviated, and redness is relieved. Crème PS’s collection of antioxidants also make it a great age-preventing moisturizer. Enriched with vitamins, skin is protected from free radical damage and the early signs of aging. 

Nourish dry skin with 91% natural ingredients.

Good Skin

Crème PS is paraben-free and made with 91% ingredients of natural origin. In every tube you’ll find wheat germ and olive oil, lecithin and beeswax. These four ingredients are scientifically proven to nourish skin and protect the skin’s barrier. They are especially effective at healing and repairing skin after weathering the elements. If you live in an area where temperatures drop very low or spend a lot of time outdoors, this natural shield is extremely beneficial for dry skin types.

Other natural ingredients in Crème PS include PCA and vitamin F, which were added for their ability to maintain hydration within the skin. With nourishing ingredients and a rich consistency, Crème PS is the ultimate treatment for dry skin during the winter or whenever you begin to experience tightness.

Reduce redness and constrict visible veins.

Those with dry skin know the symptoms don’t stop with tightness or flaking. There are often other problematic issues occurring , such as redness or visible veins. Crème PS tackles all of the signs of dry skin. Not just the most common ones.

To tone and soothe the skin, climbing ivy and allantoin were included in Crème PS’s stellar list of natural ingredients. When using this day cream, you will notice a reduction in redness and also see visible veins start to shrink. Climbing ivy actually constricts veins, so those tiny purple lines found around the nose and other delicate areas become less noticeable.

Prevent the first signs of aging with protective antioxidants.

Along with bringing comfort to dry skin, Crème PS also protects against the first signs of aging. Vitamins E and A are powerful antioxidants that regenerate the skin and fight free radical damage. When used in conjunction with your sunscreen, Crème PS provides additional protection against environmental exposure and helps to maintain a youthful appearance.

You can even boost this day cream with Yon-Ka Serum or another concentrate to further strengthen skin and add additional antioxidant protection. Find an authorized Yon-Ka center near you for custom recommendations for your skin.

Yon-Ka Paris

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