Product Spotlight: Correcteur Cible

Correcteur Cible is a targeted dark spot corrector that works with Yon-Ka’s Perfect Tone Brightening Duo to decrease the number and size of discolorations. With its high precision applicator, it allows for on-the-spot treatment of sun damage and acne scarring. This targeted solution provides fast and long-lasting results, serving as a skin saving solution for stubborn dark spots. 

On-the-spot treatment targets dark spots from sun damage and acne scarring.

Hyperpigmentation can be an issue at any age. It’s not one of those skin concerns that is segmented to a specific time in our lives. Those with fair skin can see the effects of sun damage at a younger age than others, and anyone that has (or is) experiencing acne is aware of the residual effects. For that reason, Yon-Ka created the Essential White collection to be suitable for all skin types experiencing hyperpigmentation. Both the Perfect Tone Brightening Duo and the Correcteur Cible can easily be incorporated into any skincare regimen and work with any skin type.

Specifically, Correcteur Cible works to provide local treatment to dark spots. It features an ultra-concentrated whitening formula that includes Yon-Ka’s exclusive C-WHITE complex. Research on the best scientific and natural approaches to skin brightening resulted in the selection of the potent ingredients you’ll find in every tube of Correcteur Cible.

The perfect symbiosis of science and nature for ultimate brightening effects.

Correcteur Cible taps into the time-defying power of vitamin C and red algae. Both of these ingredients are magical, actually regulating melatonin production and the natural transference of dark pigment to skin cells. This effect results in less pronounced and less extensive discoloration over time.

The precision applicator makes obtaining the effects of the C-WHITE complex simple. With the applicator, you are able to target dark spots directly and deliver the ingredients exactly where skin can benefit most. With continuous use, discolorations fade away and the complexion recovers its evenness and brightness.

Reduce the number and size of discolorations in as little as 28 days.

While the Essential White collection requires the use of all three products to work effectively, patience is not needed. In the dermatological tests performed, results were measured after just 28 days and the findings were remarkable.

After participants used Correcteur Cible morning and night, test results measured a 33% spot reduction in both the number and size of spots in just one month. These improvements are significant, and when paired with the powerful brightening effects of the Perfect Tone Brightening Duo, the transformation is undeniable.

With the use of Crème Lumiere, Essential White’s anti-aging and brightening cream, results showed a 98% improvement in complexion radiance and 97% reduction in pigment contrast. Its partner, the Solution Clarte, provided a 20% improvement in the exfoliation of skin cells, and a 66% improvement in both the clarity and evenness of the complexion.

The overall improvement found when using the Perfect Tone Brightening Duo and the Correcteur Cible makes this collection an exciting new addition to Yon-Ka Paris. You can currently purchase the Essential White products at authorized Yon-Ka spas. Find your nearest location with our spa locator.

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