What’s the deal with Whole 30 and should you give it a try?

I have historically been in denial about my diet directly affecting the appearance of my skin, but as I have gotten older, it seems impossible to ignore the connection between what I put in my body and what rears its ugly head on my face. Now, I love the glowing skin that comes along with a good eating regimen, but I am definitely a girl who needs instruction as it relates to what’s good and what’s bad for my whole health. So, where to begin? 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the Whole 30 concept pop up in your Facebook feed or on your favorite blogs. It’s a 30-day clean-eating plan that promises a slew of positive results – everything ranging from better quality sleep to increased energy, improved fat vs. muscle composition and fewer sugary cravings. The effects on your skin? Well those are just a big old bonus. I have noticed less puff and more clarity, reduced redness and oh, the glow!

The diet itself plays out very similar to Paleo for those who are familiar. The basis is low carb, high protein, but you have to go all-in to reap the rewards. That means no cheating (and no drinking!) for an entire month. You’ll be eating fresh, non-processed, whole foods and you’ll be doing without dairy, sugar, and grains. The great news is that coffee is fair game, but you do have to drink it black. Tough love, people!

So, real talk: it’s brutal and it’s rigid, but the bright side is that it’s not forever. I’m of the mindset that you can do anything for a season – and in the grand scheme of things, the benefits of following this aggressive diet for 30 days are seriously impressive. Also, the competitive person in me was determined to finish out my 30 days, even if it killed me. (But for the record, it didn’t come close to that.)

If you’ve been in the market for a detox program or a healthy reset, Whole 30 is a fabulous option. There is no doubt that the feeling of accomplishing this mini marathon is pure bliss. Also, a bite of pizza (or CHEESE for that matter!) after 30 days going without is downright orgasmic. I think the biggest surprise for me was how my taste buds and cravings really shifted after giving this a whirl. The crap I craved previously just didn’t seem worth it and I notice an immediate garbage-like feel whenever I eat toast or a bagel these days. That slight shift has had lasting effects on my health and lifestyle – and for that I’m very grateful.

Have you tried Whole 30? Any earth shattering revelations? Will you do it again?

PS – Join me in January! I’m already planning for a post-holiday reset…


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