Forget Your Broken Resolutions and Start Living a Healthier Life Today

It’s that time of year when resolutions have been forgotten and bad habits start creeping back into our lives. Busy days and sleepless nights make spiraling into an unhealthy lifestyle easy but these small changes can help you change course before it’s too late. Instead of getting upset about yesterday’s broken promises, try these simple ways to start living a healthier life now…

Revamp your fitness routine.

If walking on the treadmill just isn’t cutting it, try signing up for a group fitness class. Suspended Bodyweight Training, HIIT, and Aerial Yoga are a few newer trends to try that will banish the boredom and make exercising more enticing.

Check labels.

The easiest way to check in on your diet is to check labels. Many food products advertised as “natural” or “healthy” are far from it. Don’t let false marketing wreak havoc on your diet. Always check the nutrition facts and ingredients before you buy — and remember, when it comes to ingredients, less is usually more!

Make the most of vacation.

Lack of sleep, poor food choices and too much alcohol can crush dreams of a fun and relaxing vacation. To avoid spending your vacation tired and hung over, try to stay as close to your normal sleep schedule as possible and be moderate when it comes to drinking and eating foods you typically avoid. You’ll return from your trip feeling satisfied and refreshed, rather than exhausted and bloated.

Swap sugar in your favorite sweets.

We all like to indulge from time to time but many of our favorite desserts are loaded with processed sugar. Treat yourself without the regret by swapping sugar for a natural sweetener like apple juice or sauce. This trick works great in cupcakes, muffins and even cookies!

Buy a spiralizer.

No need to forego your favorite pasta dishes just because you want to eat healthier. A spiralizer lets you turn low calorie veggies like zucchini and squash into delicious faux noodles that you can eat raw or cooked.

Be more zen.

If scheduling more “me time” is as unlikely as you hitting the lottery, give meditation a try. Start simple with just a few minutes in the morning, sitting on a pillow on the floor, and clearing your head with deep breaths and closed eyes. This quick moment of calm can reduce stress and help you be more productive during the day.

Order less takeout.

There is no easier way to save money and eat healthier than limiting takeout. Try recreating some of your favorite to-go dishes at home and you’ll find they have fewer calories and cost much less than their restaurant counterparts.

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