5 Amazing Health Benefits of Spirulina

While some people may be put off by its blue-green color, spirulina is one superfood that shouldn’t be ignored. This algae is a freshwater plant and has become highly researched in recent years because of all of its incredible health benefits.

You may find it lurking in your smoothies, inside energy bars, or even in the form of supplements. Either way, you can still soak up all the advantages it has for our bodies. Because we think you should give it a try, we’re sharing five amazing health benefits of spirulina so you can see why you should be incorporating it into your diet.

1. It’s a Powerful Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory

Hate to break it to you, but many areas around the United States have water that contains arsenic. While it’s not as prevalent an issue here as it is in some other countries, it’s still an issue to be concerned about because you’re putting it into your body.

The good news is, spirulina is a powerful antioxidant that can actually help detox your body of heavy metals, including arsenic. If you’re worried about the arsenic levels in your own water, get it tested. Then, start adding spirulina to your diet to help combat it.

Spirulina’s main active component is called phycocyanin. This is what gives spirulina that beautiful blue-green color it’s known for. While it’s certainly pretty, this component provides some tremendous health benefits for you. It can fight free radicals and even prevent inflammation within your body.

2. Spirulina Can Give You an Energy Boost

If you’re someone who wishes to kick the daily coffee habit, you might want to consider giving spirulina a try! It can actually provide you with a fantastic energy boost to get your day started off on the right foot. The best part is you can reap these benefits by adding some to your morning smoothie for an easy fix.

3. It Aids in Eliminating Candida

For promoting balanced gut health, spirulina can do wonders for your body. How? It helps boost healthy bacteria in your intestines, which can inhibit candida from thriving in your system. Not only that, but it can eliminate candida altogether if it’s something you’re struggling with because of its antimicrobial benefits.

4. You’ll Speed Up Your Weight Loss

If you’ve been stressing yourself out trying to shed those last few pesky pounds, trying adding spirulina to your diet. Not only is it nutrient-dense it also provides your body with plenty of protein. And when your diet is rich in foods like that, it’ll help promote weight loss and eliminate your body’s fat stores.

In fact, high-protein meals have been shown to possibly help those who are overweight burn fat. By eating plenty of protein, you’ll be able to better maintain lean tissue to get your body toned.

5. It Can Help Prevent Cancer

Animal and test tube studies at the University of Maryland Medical Center showed spirulina increased the body’s production of antibodies. In turn, it boosted immunity and warded off chronic illnesses like cancer. It’s even been shown to be effective in fighting oral cancer, thanks to a study that was conducted in India.

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