Essential Oil Spotlight: Geranium

Essential oils are a natural and effective way to treat feelings like stress, anxiety and fatigue that can prevent wellbeing and limit our ability to perform at our full potential. Used topically, essential oils can also cure many common skin concerns like acne, wrinkles and discoloration. Different oils have different therapeutic traits but one that has the most benefits is geranium.

Read on to discover some of the ways geranium can balance your emotions and improve your skin… 

Inhale germanium oil through an aromatherapy diffuser to enhance mood.


Geranium oil can be beneficial in improving your emotional health. When inhaled it sends messages to your limbic system (the part of your brain that controls emotions like fear, pleasure and anger) reducing feelings of anxiety, depression and stress. Use an aromatherapy diffuser to deliver the benefits of geranium oil when you want to feel calmer and more relaxed. Keep in your bedroom or bathroom to use before you go to sleep at night or while indulging in a hot bath.

Apply geranium oil to skin to help fade scars and dark spots.

By increasing blood circulation right below the skin’s surface, geranium oil helps to distribute melanin, which can aid in reducing the appearance of scars and hyperpigmentation. Since essential oils can’t be applied directly to skin, they need to be mixed with a carrier oil (like almond or jojoba oil) or properly incorporated into a solution or cream. For treating dark spots our Solution 46 and Crème 40 is a dynamic duo fortified with geranium oil.

Massage geranium oil into skin before bed to sleep better at night.


Inhalation of geranium oil can help in alleviating insomnia and calming your body for a more restful sleep. When applied topically it is also effective at relieving muscle aches and soreness, which could be keeping you from sleeping soundly. Since you don’t want to use geranium oil alone as massage oil, add a drop to a carrier oil or simply apply our Huile Corps, which is also infused with calming lavender.

Tighten skin by using beauty products containing geranium oil.

Geranium oil acts as an astringent causing tissues to contract and preventing sagging and wrinkling of the skin. Look for beauty products containing geranium oil to support your anti-aging skincare routine. Our Stimulastine Jour is an anti-wrinkle day cream infused with this youth preserving oil as well as the powerful Boswellia extract.

Help heal acne with geranium oil’s antiseptic and wound-healing properties.

Breakouts can be troublesome at any age but you can help treat and heal acne with regular use of geranium oil. It is antibacterial, antiseptic, reduces inflammation and prevents toxins from entering the body by helping open skin heal faster. Find geranium oil as an ingredient in our purifying range for skin with imperfections. Made of 94% natural ingredients these products provide a gentle solution to achieving clear skin without some of the harmful side effects that come with many acne treatments.

Yon-Ka Paris

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