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Age-Defying Treatments

Time Resist
Excellence Code
Eye & Lip Perfection

Time Resist Treatment

This age-defying treasure is a powerful, multi-corrective, wrinkle-filling treatment that features a 3-D action component to treat wrinkles by plumping and smoothing their length, width, and depth. Silk and Japanese wakame extracts, youth energy lipoamino acid, plus plant-based stem cells fight the signs of inflamm'aging; a condition that hastens the aging process and leads to deep wrinkles caused by free-radical overload. A professional strength peel, freshly prepared modeling mask and aromatic rituals intensify the results and stimulate deep skin regeneration. Drained of excess toxins and fluids, your skin will light up with renewed radiance, the appearance of wrinkles smoothed, and the skin will feel supple and re-densified.

80/90 min. | 50/60 min.

Optimizer Treatment

This age-defying jewel is a powerful, multi-corrective facial contouring treatment featuring age-defying Yon-Ka Paris techniques inspired by ancient eastern traditions and modern French esthetics. Collagen-building serums and treatments enriched with high-performance botanical peptides from hibiscus and lupine prevent the thinning and atrophy of the skin's dermal and support structures that keep it firm and youthful. A professional strength peel, freshly prepared modeling mask and aromatic rituals intensify the results and stimulate deep skin regeneration. Drained of excess toxins and fluids, your skin will light up the renewed radiance and appear plumped, lifted, sculpted and supple..

80/90 min. | 50/60 min.

Elastine Treatment

An anti-wrinkle, smoothing facial, ideal for targeting superficial wrinkles and preventing lines from becoming more profound. Elastine and Milk Peptides and a niacin-beech-rich ampoule help to signal the skin's reparative process, which helps to smooth, renew and plump the early signs of texture alterations.
A professional strength peel, freshly prepared triple-clay and elastin mask, and aromatic rituals intensify the results. As a result, your complexion will feel more supple and elastic and appear more toned.

80/90 min. | 50/60 min.

Excellence Code Treatment

Our exclusive crème de la crème facial sits ato facial sits atop of the Yon-Ka Paris treatment catalog. This anti-aging intensive facial treats all the signs of mature, aging skin. It's the perfect balance of technically advanced products and sensory pleasure. Excellence Code promotes radiance, reduces dark spots, and smooths wrinkles and firms as it provides long-lasting nourishment while a barrier repair action protects from environmental damage and moisture loss. This treatment includes exclusive sculpting techniques such as: Energy points, firming and lifting care, and a premium bio-cellulose mask plus energizing serum to smooth wrinkles and support our collagen-building mechanisms. Prepare skin for your next red-carpet or memorable special event, resulting in wider-looking eyes, more pronounced cheekbones, softened wrinkles, and a more clearly defined facial contour.

80/90 min. | 50/60 min.

Eye & Lip Perfection Treatment

Influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine and the body's primary meridians and internal energy source, this treatment is the ultimate high-touch experience. Focused on over-exposed and naturally fragile zones of the eye and lip areas: this treatment addresses all your eye and lip concerns: dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, and volume loss. This treatment eases the effects of jetlag, blue light from screens, and occasional lack of sleep. The lips are extensively treated and left plump, fine lines are smoothed, and the lips appear more defined. Once these areas are carefully cleansed, smoothed, hydrated, and toned, manual and tailored motions of the meridians and energy points are performed with the rejuvenating SERUM CELL ENERGY. It's followed with a second eye and lip contour massage using icy cold aventurine crystals and SERUM CELL ENERGY to reduce puffiness and refresh and tone the tissues. The crystal's negative charge helps to neutralize the effects of toxins and free radicals. A rich, smooth modeling mask enriched with green tea, black currant, and pineapple is layered decadently onto eyes and lips for lasting tone, a skin-plumping effect, and suppleness.

45 min.

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