Starter Kits


Choose from one of three starter kits to get your skin care regimen off to the right start. These 21 day programs are the perfect way to introduce yourself to the Yon-Ka product line, while experiencing the difference in your skin that you can see in a little as 21 days.

  • Anti-Aging

    This anti-aging starter kit is designed with the perfect combination of products for visibly younger skin. Watch your skin become smoother and firmer, while facial contours are redefined, and the bust line is sculpted and reshaped.

  • Revitalizing

    Balance normal to oily skin, and restore your skins natural glow, softness and vitality. This three step revitalizing starter kit is perfect for those looking to take back control of their skin and restore it to its previous glow.

  • Hydrating

    This hydration starter kit is perfect for people suffering from dry uncomfortable skin. Immediately feel relief as your skin becomes softer, more supple, and comfortable.