Basic Essentials


Yon-Ka “Essentials” is a complete cleansing line, which encompasses the most important first steps towards keeping the skin in a balanced and beautiful state. Rich in plant based cleansing and conditioning ingredients, Essentials will help to optimize the effectiveness of all Yon-Ka Paris products.

  • Cleansers

    Treat your skin to one of our invigorating and refreshing cleansers that are formulated to meet the changing needs of your skin. Enjoy a thorough deep purifying cleanse that is gentle to the skin and never harsh or drying.

  • Exfoliate

    Gently polish away imperfections and refine the texture of your skin so that it’s silky and touchable. Watch your skin appear more radiant, enlivened and help it breathe.

  • Toners

    Refreshing and rejuvenating, these “treatment waters” also help to hydrate the skin, shrink pores, and balance the skins natural pH. Spray after cleansing or anytime your skin needs a beauty boost of “solar- charged” energy.

  • Make-Up Removers

    Gently wash away make-up, dirt, and oil from your face. Reveal your refreshed complexion through our make-up removers that also double as a cleanser, allowing your face to be completely purified without over drying or irritating it.

  • Masks

    Rich in three natural clays and essential oils, this purifying mask dramatically enlivens and clarifies the skin. With two available formulas, these important special treatments impart a glamorous glow and will help to refine the look of pores for all skin types and ages.

  • Travel Size

    Take Yon-Ka with you, wherever you go with our convenient travel sizes. The same Yon-Ka products you know and love available in smaller sizes to accompany you wherever your travels may take you.